Traveller camp in Dunstable given the boot

The traveller site
The traveller site

A traveller encampment in Dunstable was ordered to leave over the weekend amid accusations of anti-social behaviour.

It is understood the site, located at the back of the Go Bowling car park in Court Drive, was populated by Romanian travellers.

A Section 77 notice planned by Central Beds Council, promised to force them off site.

The travellers left on Sunday, before council bailiffs arrived the next day.

One resident, who complained to the Gazette, said: “I can’t understand how they have been allowed to pitch up and stay. Nobody seems to be active in moving them on.

“People who use the leisure centre and the bowling alley are intimidated by them and on a number of occasions have been approached.

“It is simply not acceptable.”

Both Go Bowling and Dunstable Leisure Centre were contacted by the Gazette. Both stated they were aware of the camp, but maintained they hadn’t received complaints from the public.

In spite of this, at least one staff member from Go Bowling claimed on social media to have reported alleged criminal activity to the police.

After leaving the car park on Sunday, it is unknown where the traveller site moved to.

A spokesman for Central Beds said: ““We were made aware of an encampment on Court Drive on Friday, June 29, but received no allegations of anti-social behaviour.

“After making the necessary statutory checks, our bailiff visited the site on Monday, July 6 to serve an S77 notice but the travellers had already left. We are investigating ways to protect the site from future incursions.”