Trial begins for Luton mum and boyfriend accused of baby murder

The trial began today for a couple accused of murdering a baby boy in Luton last year.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:53 pm
Luton Crown Court
Luton Crown Court

13-month-old Noah Serra-Morrison suffered a massive head injury sometime in the night between Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21, 2015.

His mother, Ronnie Taylor-Morrison, 21 and her boyfriend Hardeep Hunjan, 26, appeared at Luton Crown Court on charges of murder, causing or allowing the death of a child and cruelty by wilful neglect.

Paramedics were called to the couple’s address at 57a Crawley Road at 3.37am where they found the tot lying on the floor, described by one paramedic as “pale, lifeless and not breathing”.

Jane Bickerstaff QC, prosecuting, said: “The injuries inflicted on him could not possibly have been accidental. The head injury to Noah was so severe together with other injuries, including 15 fractures to all of Noah’s arms and legs.”

After being rushed to hospital, Noah was pronounced dead soon after 4am on November 21.

His mother, Ronnie Taylor-Morrison told doctors and nurses that the tot had fallen out of his crib but was arrested by police officers at hospital at 4.41am, just minutes after boyfriend Hardeep Hunjan was arrested at their home.

Ms Bickerstaff QC said: “Four police officers found the address locked but formed the opinion someone was inside.

“Entry was forced to the front door which had been secured from within by a latch. Officers found Mr Hunjan under a duvet in the kitchen. He was arrested.”

The court heard that the couple had been seeing each other for several months prior to Noah’s death, getting together shortly after Ronnie Taylor-Morrison split with the baby’s father in June or July 2015. The couple had moved from London to the flat at Crawley Road on October 12.

Ms Bickerstaff QC said: “There were signs of disharmony occurring within the flat from almost as soon as they moved in.

“[Neighbours upstairs] both regularly heard the couple arguing and heard Noah crying.

“On one occasion [witness] heard a male and female shouting ... He heard the noise of walls banging and shaking. He said there was a baby crying the whole of this time.

“It was at the extreme end of crying.”

The prosecution alleged Mr Hunjan was spotted on CCTV twice buying Vodka from Sainsburys on November 20. Shortly after midnight on November 21, a neighbour returning from a night out claimed to see Mr Hunjan on the doorstep with the baby.

Ms Bickerstaff QC said: “She did not see Noah move or make a sound. As you will hear from Mr Hunjan’s conversation with her, Noah was already injured. We would say he was at least unconscious at that time.”

After being told the baby had fallen from his cot, the neighbour allegedly told Mr Hunjan to call an ambulance.

The prosecution added: “Miss Taylor-Morrison used her phone to search the internet... at 1.47 searched, ‘my baby is breathing but not moving’.

“Sometime later she called her sister... she said Noah was awake and moving his eyes but was not with it and not crying. She told her his limbs were moving.

“That was at 2.13am. Despite the advice from her sister, Miss Taylor-Morrison did not call an ambulance until 3.27am.”

As the mum was on the phone, CPR advice was given by the call handler which Mr Hunjan allegedly carried out on the baby.

Ms Bickerstaff QC added: “It was a false and futile attempt for show. It only took paramedics two minutes to get there and Noah was exhibiting no signs of life.”

The trial continues.