Update: '˜Refused entry because of racism' claim Luton duo

An 'outraged' mum and daughter duo from Luton claim they were refused entry to a showbiz event in London because of their skin colour.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 11:23 am

Youtubers Susan Evans, 47, and her daughter Imani, 24, visited Soho on May 18 for the Sony Xperia X launch party.

“We get asked to attend a lot of events,” said Imani. “Before we go we always confirm with PR that we are on the guest list.”

Nevertheless, the duo say they were turned away from the event, which was at “full capacity” according to a girl at the front desk.

Soon afterwards, the duo said they saw eight white people allowed in.

Mum Susan said: “We went back to the door and the girls said again, ‘we’re full to capacity’ so we asked to speak to the manager.

“They radioed their manager and said, ‘we’ve got two black people here’.”

Again, the duo was turned away.

Susan added: “As soon as we left the building we saw three of our friends. We told them what happened and they said, ‘that’s a lot of rubbish’ and we went back.

“We were behind them. Our friends are caucasian and the girl stamped all of their wrists. When I put out my hand to get stamped, she said ‘no’.

“My friends were so embarrassed. We sat down and then she claimed our names were not on the list. We left the building and got in our car, my daughter was crying. I told my PR agency who were horrified.”

The pair claim to have heard slurs “no more coloureds in” and “look at her hair” – regarding daughter Imani’s afro hairstyle.

Other media personalities including The Apprentice’s Scott Saunders, model Stefan-Pierre and Ladia Nadia Essex later took to Twitter claiming they’d been denied entry due to race.

Now, the duo have set up a Twitter hashtag #Maddarewenotcitizens about the incident.

The Sony Xperia X launch party was hosted by Citizen PR, who have denied the duo’s claims.

A Citizen PR spokesman said: “We have taken these claims extremely seriously and following a review of parties managing and staffing the event, do not believe them to be justified.

“As is often the case with busy events, a decision was taken to prioritise entry to high profile guests, media and industry partners. More than 350 guests attended the event and no complaints of racial discrimination were made on the night.

“We have attempted to speak directly to the two people who made the original accusations in order to better understand their grievances.”