Verging on despair

Graham Road: Google Street View
Graham Road: Google Street View

Angry residents of Graham Road, Dunstable, have organised a petition hoping its ‘dangerous’ grass verges will be converted to parking areas.

Families argued that action needed to be taken, as the road’s verges have become a ‘hazard’, especially for those who are disabled or pushing buggies.

They claimed the controversial verges have become rutted, filled with water, and a ‘booby-trap’ to pedestrians, as drivers are forced to park off-road due to a lack of spaces.

Derrick Dawson, a Graham Road resident and petition founder, said: “Just the other week I saw a disabled lady nearly take a fall, as she was trying to squeeze past a car parked on a slippy verge.

“The road is so narrow that cars can’t park on both sides, while the slabbed pathways are in poor condition. The lady in question was trying to access the road because she felt safer walking along there.”

Furthermore, the petitioners have argued that the lack of parking could be potentially life threatening.

A total of 54 signatures were collected, with petitioners claiming: “Due to the parking situation, there have been various times when council vehicles, for example, the bin collection, cannot access the road.

“If council vehicles cannot drive up Graham Road, would an emergency vehicle?”

Derrick Dawson met with members of the Central Beds Council at Priory House, Chicksands, yesterday (Tuesday) to present the petition.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman told the Gazette: “We completely understand the frustration of the residents in Graham Road and will look to resolve this issue.

“There are however different approaches depending upon the problem and we are currently scoping out our work on the parking strategy which will inform how we deal with these type of issues in future. Further information about Graham Road will be publicised within the next week.”