‘Yellow lines needed on Queen Street, Houghton Regis!’

Cars parked down the left hand side of Queen Street. (Credit: Google Street View.)
Cars parked down the left hand side of Queen Street. (Credit: Google Street View.)

A Houghton Regis resident is concerned about the lack of yellow lines on Queen Street, as he claims parked cars are causing problems.

The fed up Manor Park resident, who uses the road regularly to go into town, claims that when turning left out of Cumberland Street into Queen Street motorists are forced into the path of oncoming traffic, as cars parked on the left hand side of the street are obstructing the left hand-side of the road.

The resident claimed: “Sometimes when you turn out of Cumberland Street there will be cars parked on the corner, so you can’t see if something is coming down the road.

“If a car is coming is coming down Queen Street, and I’m forced into the right of the road, they have right of way.

“I then have to try and back up but sometimes I can’t because there is someone behind me - it’s terrible! It happens all the time.

“Why don’t they have double yellow lines down the left hand side of Queen Street?

“The cars would then park on the right hand side. If someone came into the street on the right hand side (their left) from Cemetery Road, they would have more room to back up.

“I called Central Bedforshire Council about this but they just told me I would be moving the problem from one place to another, but I don’t agree. It’s easier to back up into Cemetery Road.

“I usually turn left into Queen Street in second gear, but cars coming at me in the opposite direction sometimes fly down the road.

“Nobody seems to be doing anything about it!”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesperson, said: “We understand residents’ concerns about traffic issues in the area, and are planning to consult next year about what could be done to help the situation.”

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