Reynolds gets ready to travel the world as he eyes Tokyo Olympics

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds will be something of a globe-trotter as he travels the world with Team GB in the coming months.

Friday, 7th July 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:53 am
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds

The fighter is currently in Sheffield on a training camp, before heading to Germany and then on to Belarus shortly afterwards.

On his busy schedule, Reynolds told the News/Gazette: “I’m up in Sheffield until Friday and then head over to Germany on Sunday evening for a multi-nation camp.

“There will be fighters from Germany, Russia, other countries too, so I’ll be training alongside them and then the last three days you have gym bouts, so I’ll be fighting against them as well.

“Then I get back, head straight to Sheffield, before I’m fighting in Belarus against the best from Russia and Kazakhstan for a hard tournament.

“After that, I have three or four days off to tick over and then it’s Alicante at the end of September and in October it’s Poland.

“I’m out every month and these tournaments, they’re not just one fight, they’re four or five fights. So I’m fighting in different countries, against different countries, and I’m getting world level experience.”

All of the bouts that Reynolds will get is building up to what is clearly his main goal, a place in the 2020 Olympics staged in Japan.

He continued: “It’s what every boxer who boxes, that’s their dream, I appreciate it so much and have worked so hard to get here.

“It’s starting to pay off. I’ve got a long road still, but my eyes and my head is just set on Tokyo, I can see it, one hundred per cent in my head.

“This is great preparation for that, it’s going to happen, that’s what I’m going for.

“Everything I’ve said, I’ve done and trust me, I’ll get there. Three years and that comes around quick, so I’m working towards that and to bring a gold medal back for Great Britain.”

Reynolds believes since getting his place on the Team GB programme, it has only improved him as a fighter too.

He said: “I’ve made the team now, that’s the hardest bit and now you’re on the team, the real work starts now, but I’m there, I’ve just got to keep grafting.

“I’ve been there for three months now, already they’ve pushed me forward

“I’d always visualised it and everyone’s like ‘turn pro, turn pro,’ but I said ‘no.’

“When you do GB, you’ve got such a good camp, when you do turn pro, you’re ready.

“It makes a massive difference, I’m just buzzing, tired, as it’s so hard up there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”