Reynolds has his heart set on making Team GB boxing squad

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds is leaving no stone unturned in his bid to become a Team GB boxer this weekend.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 11:00 am
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds

The 20-year-old heads to Sheffield for the GB trials that start on Friday, and believes he is in the perfect shape to finally realise his dream.

Reynolds said: “My heart is so in it, I can’t really explain how I feel, it’s just such a big step, a couple more big pushes and I’m there.

“I’m putting the work in, I’m always fit anyway, but I just don’t want to have any excuses.

“If I don’t get in, I don’t get in. I don’t want to be ‘I could have done this,’ so it’s all going well, I know what to do.

“Everyone’s telling me I’ll be in, because my last fight was like an assessment.

“I boxed their GB lad, John Docherty, the Commonwealth champion, a very good lad, he’s won everything, in his hometown in Scotland and I beat him.

“Now I’m up there for the trials, so it just gives me an extra edge on the other lads.

“But I’m in the best position and I’m in a great place as I’ve never felt this way.

“I feel so good, so happy, everything’s going right, I’m the right age, it’s just all going good and for the first time in my life that I feel everything is right.”

On just what being a Team GB boxer would mean to him, Reynolds continued: “If I can get in, I’ll be with the Team GB full time, I’ll be living in Sheffield most of the week which is a sacrifice I’ll do as you’ve got to do what’s best for you.

“But I’d be fighting abroad, and the only fights you have are European fights or Commonwealth ones.

“It’s massive as I’ll be actually living my dream.

“I could turn pro now and I’d have a good deal, but being with Team GB for three or four years, I’ll be a machine.

“I’d add another 50 per cent on to me, learn a lot, fighting world class lads, Cubans and the like, then when you turn pro it’s easy, so I want to do it properly and it’s one more step.

“They’ll invest a lot into me and develop me, because I’m beating their lads now and they’re training five times a day and have got the best facilities, physios, everything.

“So hopefully I’ll get there, my heart is so set on it, I’ll be upset if I don’t get it, but everything happens for a reason so we’ll see how what happens.”

Reynolds also believes that should he take his place amongst the best of British it will give youngsters in Luton a real boost.

He continued: “You get people who have just been boxing for years and years and years who don’t even get a trial, so I feel privileged to get a trial.

“I feel like I can get through too and I’ll be making history as no-one’s done it round here.

“It would inspire a lot of the young lads as well, especially round my way.

“I’m an estate lad and if they see it and think, ‘do you know what, I can do that,’ that’s a massive thing for the young lads as well.”

On what he has to do when at the camp, Reynolds added: “I’ll go there Friday, then they assess you, look at how you are, give you instructions, see if you listen, see if you’re fit enough, physically strong, look at your weaknesses.

“There’ll be runs in the morning, certain times around the track and you do sparring, conditioning, it’s everything.

“There’s three assessments, I could get in after the first assessment, but you have one every month.

“After this weekend, I’ll find out in seven days if I’ve got through to the next assessment which is on July 7.

“I was supposed to be boxing in Italy, but Team GB is more important, so I’ll be doing that instead.”