Goalscoring tallies prove Luton duo can play together

Town striker Danny Hylton believes that with both he and James Collins approaching 20 goals this season, it debunks the myth that the pair can't play together.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 6:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th March 2018, 6:40 pm
Town striker Danny Hylton is back in from the start
Town striker Danny Hylton is back in from the start

When the campaign began back in August, some supporters questioned whether the forwards could link up together in attack after Collins was signed from Crawley Town in the summer.

However, 37 goals and counting for the pair has laid those doubts to rest, as Hylton said: “People were saying that after two, three, four games, saying we’re too similar.

“We’re not similar, we’re two different players.

“In every team, people need time to gel and know what each other are going to do and how they play, and that was no different for me and Collo or whoever plays upfront.

“So whoever plays it’s great, but I’m more than capable of playing with Collo, I love playing with Collo.

“I think we can complement each other and if we can keep scoring like we did Saturday then it’s great.”

The duo have been on the scoresheet together in six of the matches they have started upfront, the fixtures with Mansfield, Accrington, Exeter, Swindon, Lincoln and Barnet.

To Collins that also shows the understanding they have formed, as he continued: “What you tend to see is that every time I’ve scored this season, Hylts has scored in the same game.

“We’ve scored in the same game quite a lot this year, which goes to show that we both love playing together.

“We’ve played the majority of the games together this season, so I think we know how each other plays now.

“We both want to do well and score goals for the football club so it’s a really good partnership.

“He’s really good at stuff that I’m maybe not so good at and vice versa, so I think that’s why we bounce off each other so well.

“That’s why the gaffer brought me in to add goals, because Hylts scored the majority of the goals for Luton last year and I’m just happy that it’s kicked off so well.

“If we’re both scoring 20 plus then it means we’re hopefully going to achieve our ultimate goal which is promotion.”