Hatters boss knows what areas need strengthening during transfer window

Luton chief Nathan Jones knows just where he needs to strengthen in the summer to ensure that his side are in a far stronger position this time next season.

Thursday, 20th April 2017, 3:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

Since taking over in January of last year, Jones has brought in the likes of Danny Hylton, Alan Sheehan, Johnny Mullins and Isaac Vassell, while he also signed Lawson D’Ath and Luke Gambin permanently in the transfer window too.

However, the Luton chief confirmed plans are constantly in motion about replenishing his squad, as he said: “Of course, when I took over we had 28 players and all 28 of those weren’t my players.

“Some proved that we could move forward with them, and then we moved on the ones we did and with what we had left, we brought in a real good group we feel.

“In the summer, we’ll evaluate it again. Wwe already know the certain areas we want to strengthen in, what we’ll be looking for and it’s about constantly moving forward.

“That will happen in every single transfer window. They’ll always be one we can move out or one we can bring in, or how we can strengthen this area.

“It’s not about bringing numbers in, it’s about streamlining and getting the most elite squad that we possibly can, and that will be an ongoing thing.

“If you want to move forward you have to do that constantly and that will be every transfer window. So we know we’ve had two proper transfer windows to bring people in really, in terms of the summer and we tried to strengthen a little bit in January.

“But we’ve only been able to recruit in one summer, now we’ll be able to do that again. So whatever league we’ll be in next season we’ll be far, far stronger than we are now.”

Added experience might well be key for Jones going forward after he admitted the top three were a year ahead of them during his press conference following the 1-1 draw with Mansfield on Monday.

He reiterated that once more this afternoon and giving examples on what areas he felt that had been up most, said: “They’ve definitely had a lot more experience than we did in most areas, but I think we’re just a young group and a young group who are evolving and developing.

“We play a certain way, try to play a fluent way, we don’t play a static way.

“It would have been easy for us to have static system and play in straight lines, but we ask them to different stuff and I think it’s just been that, the experience, bit more know how.

“Whereas the ones that go forward with us will have year’s more experience, obviously the ones we’re able to bring in, will be be again my players, the players I choose to go out and get.

“So it’s that way really, whereas people have had two years together. Plymouth, Doncaster and Plymouth have had a real good continuity, they’ve been able to bring in a lot of experience, been able to strengthen with a big budget and so on.

“That doesn’t guarantee them anything, but that’s where I think they had a little bit more nous. As in terms of statistics and how we play, and when we go up against people, it’s much of a muchness.

“We’ve drawn too many games. We don’t lose too many, it’s probably those draws and I think that hasn’t been down to a lack of ability, it’s probably just a bit of know-how at times when we need to nick a game, or see a game out.”