Bradley and Jones urge Luton fans to recreate Boro atmosphere all season

Graeme Jones applauds the Luton fans
Graeme Jones applauds the Luton fans

Hatters fans have been urged to play their part for the entire season by captain Sonny Bradley and manager Graeme Jones.

The defender was part of a Hatters side cheered on by a raucous Kenilworth Road crowd in their opening game of the season, as they picked up a point in a thrilling encounter with Middlesbrough.

A gate of 10,053 was there to witness the game, although it easily sounded triple the number, with Town’s fans creating a fantastic atmosphere throughout.

They need to keep that up for the remainder of the season now for Bradley, as he said: “I was absolutely buzzing, that’s the best I’ve seen Kenilworth Road since I turned up here a year ago.

“I’m sure every game in the Championship will be like that, we need it to be like that if I’m honest.

“When you get the crowd like that, the way they were, they probably helped us go and get an equaliser and they can take just as much credit as the players.”

Town boss Jones also expressed his desire for supporters to continue their efforts against West Bromwich Albion this afternoon.

He added: "They have to play their part, that can’t be a one-off, on Friday, live on Sky, the opening game of the EFL season.

“It has to be permanent, it has to be consistent.

“The staff need to be consistent with preparations, the players need to be consistent with their performances and their lifestyle.

"It’s all part of that triangle – players, staff and supporters, and they certainly played their part on Friday night.

“It’s a feeling that you get, and then you go home and you analyse what’s gone on.

“For me, Luton Town supporters – if you want to define what the word support means, if you really go into detail with that, you hope they’re going to support their team.

“I have been involved in different clubs through the years – Friday night was the best performance I have seen from a set of fans in supporting their team.

“One-nil down, 3-2 down – they were there for us every second because they could see the effort on the pitch, they could see the desire.

“That’s going to be huge this season, that they continue to support their team.

“You’re not going to start a game, play well, score one, score two, score three and win a game 3-0.

"There’s going to be moments where you’re vulnerable, moments where the opposition are strong and the beauty about Friday night was the support of the supporters in certain moments of the game.

“I have not seen that. maybe it’s been the clubs I have been at, but I haven’t seen that for a long, long time and that’s what was special about Friday night for me.”

It has been a big thing for summer signing Martin Cranie as well, as he said: "It was a brilliant atmosphere down there (against Boro).

"The stands are quite close to the pitch so they’re on you, I can’t imagine many of the teams want to come and play down there this season.

"It’s quite an intimidating place to go, so if we can turn the ground into a fortress for us and get a good record going at home, it will stand us in good stead for the season."

Deadline day acquisition Izzy Brown would love to experience a full house this afternoon too, saying: "I watched the game on Sky against Middlesbrough and you could see on the TV, so I can’t wait for the game on the weekend against West Brom.

"It’s my former club from when I was younger, so I think it will be a good game and a great atmosphere."

Since taking over, Jones admitted he has been overwhelmed by the level of support he has received from the Town faithful too, adding: "I’m a Lutonian now.

"I think it comes from being welcomed and all the supporter things that I hear, I can’t help but just be honest myself.

"This has been real here, they're realistic people, they support, that’s what they do, they support their team, they support their players.

"That’s been so refreshing for me, and to be welcome from minute one is a big thing, because I’ve got big boots to follow.

"Mick’s (Harford) an absolute legend, but Mick was part of the agreement last January as well, so i always felt part of things, I always felt welcome.

"So far it’s gone okay, apart from one minute on Saturday, but we still need to be better in lots of areas and that’s what we’re working towards."