Cullen asks to leave Luton

Mark Cullen
Mark Cullen

Striker Mark Cullen won’t play for Luton again after requesting to leave the club, according to manager John Still

The 22-year-old missed today’s 3-2 defeat at AFC Wimbledon with Still revealing afterwards he had asked to move away from Kenilworth Road.

Town’s boss said: “Mark said to me that he would like to look to move to a club in a higher division.

“I can say no, you’re not going, stay here and get on with it, but I probably wouldn’t play him as his heart’s not in it.

“Everyone we have here, good or bad, has to be 100 per cent us. Mark’s a great lad, this isn’t a criticism, it’s just how it is.

“On Monday, the club will decide if we accept offers that are made for him. It maybe they don’t, he may have to stay here, but he wouldn’t play.”

After scoring the winner against Carlisle last week, Culleen had admitted he wasn’t looking to move away from Luton, but that appears not to be the case.

Still continued: “You’d have to ask Mark that, I don’t know. There were some enquiries, and have been some enquiries about Mark.

“I spoke to him yesterday and don’t think he was in the right frame of mind to play if I’m being honest.

“So we decided not to include him. I understand how football works, but my thoughts are if I speak to a player who perhaps feel that he should move somewhere else, he’s not going to happen for me.

“We’ll resume the talk on Monday and if Mark thinks he should be elsewhere, it’s up to the club to decide on the other side of it.”

League One Peterborough have been rumoured to be Cullen’s destination, but when asked if he could confirm that, Still added: “Not at the moment no, we’ll talk about that on Monday.”