Hatters boss denies any bids for McGeehan

Cameron McGeehan was left out against Cambridge
Cameron McGeehan was left out against Cambridge

Hatters boss Nathan Jones has denied there have been any bids for top scorer Cameron McGeehan after he was left out of the squad for today’s goalless draw with Cambridge United.

McGeehan, who joined Luton permanently from Norwich City in the summer, has scored nine goals so far, but on whether any clubs have approached Town for his services, Jones said: “I don’t really know where that’s come from, I haven’t heard of any bids, we’re in no position to be letting our good players go.

“I know Cameron scores goals and believe me Cameron’s going to play games for this football club.”

Nathan Jones

“It was a constructional decision today, and I realise that lots of decisions get scrutinised. I’ve known Cameron seven, eight days now, and Cameron will play games for us, no worries about that, but let’s not get carried away by the fact Cameron was left out of the squad.

“I understand it’s January, but we want to keep our good players here. I’ve no issues with Cameron, he’s trained brilliantly, he’s a great kid, wants to do well.

“For the balance of the bench I had to leave him out today, things change in football, quickly, but he’s going to play a big part for us.”

On just why he opted to leave McGeehan out of the match day squad entirely, Jones continued: “We felt in terms of what we wanted to do, we wanted to get a nice balance to our side.

“I know Cameron scores goals and believe me Cameron’s going to play games for this football club, let’s not make that a big issue because it’s the first one.

“The games before, they’ve lost games, they’re in a position because they’ve lost games. No-one’s untouchable here, but Cameron will play a lot of games for us, he’s a talented young boy and as I said, he missed out today, because we went a different way.

“I felt I picked a side that gave us a good opportunity, gave us the chance to be a bit solid, but then go on and try to win the game as well.”

Defender Magnus Okuonghae admitted that McGeehan’s absence from the team sheet showed everyone they can’t simply expect to play under the new regime.

He said: “I suppose it was a surprise, the new manager has a new way of doing things, everyone’s got to be on their toes, I think that goes without saying.

“No-one could have expected to play after what’s gone before, he’s going to go on what he feels is the best side to put out there and the best bench to have.

“It might be different next week, might be different the week after that, you can’t speculate on any of that.

“We’ve all been in the game and experienced it before, so we know these things can happen.

“The manager comes in, he’s got his ways of doing things, the players he would prefer to play in a certain position than others.

“Cam’s a good player, it goes without saying and I’m sure he’ll work hard and be involved at some point.”

Meanwhile, Alex Lawless didn’t read too much into McGeehan not featuring, as he added: “We’ve got such a big squad, it’s not nice for Cam but he’s a lovely lad, a really good player, there’s potential there.

“It’s not great for him today but that shows our squad and it’s the manager, he’s got to make decisions like that.

“I’m sure at some point he’ll see Cam playing and scoring, so I don’t think it’s too big a deal.”