Hatters boss to tie up loose ends on deadline day

Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

Hatters boss Nathan Jones isn't expecting a late night transfer deadline day of incoming activity at Kenilworth Road this evening.

The Luton chief has made 10 signings since the summer, with Luke Berry joining the club last week too, meaning Jones is more than satisfied with what he has at his disposal.

On how he believed the day would pan out, Jones said: “There might be a few loose ends tied up, but I don't envisage it being masses and masses of business today.

“We're in a good place and have done most of our business, but you never know.

“If something becomes available, we're in a position where we're able to do something about it, but it's about just probably organising the squad really.

"We might look to loan one or two out or things like that, it's just tidying up the squad as we've got big numbers now.

"There might the odd bit of business late on, but there's always the loan window reopens for Conference clubs and National League clubs, so it depends who we want to let go really.

"We're not envisaging a mad rush or anything, I'm very relaxed about things and I'm glad we're in the position we are."

Centre half is one of the only places that Jones hasn't sought to add to this year yet, with Scott Cuthbert, Alan Sheehan, Johnny Mullins, Glen Rea, Frankie Musonda and Akin Famewo all battling it out for the two regular berths.

On whether he could look to move in that position, Jones continued: “I'm very happy with what we have.

“Realistically, if it meant that we could significantly improve the squad, then there would be scope to do that. But unless something comes up that we feel could significantly improve on what we have, then no, we don't want to upset the equilibrium, we won't look to change that really late.

“If there is an opportunity, I'd never turn that down, because we're always looking to move forward. I'm very loyal, want to develop players, but at the end of the day we all need to move forward.

“At the minute, I haven't been able to improve that area, because of what's available is not better than what we have, so you don't actively look.”

Although Jones brought in Berry from Cambridge, on whether that meant the likes of Luke Gambin, Lawson D'Ath or Jordan Cook moving on, he said: "I don't envisage it, you never know, but we want the competition and we want to cover every eventuality.

"It's a long season ahead, only four games in at the minute, so the ones who haven't figured yet, I know they'll be impatient, but it's a long season ahead.

"I don't envisage one to 11 playing the next 42 games, so we're going to need that strength and it also gives us options, if we want to revert different stuff, or go back to our second shape, then we can and have the personnel to do that.

"That's key to having a good, strong balanced squad and that's what we feel we have."

Meanwhile, on the future of transfer-listed striker Josh McQuouid, Jones added: "Nothing's changed for Josh, we've had no real takers at the minute.

"That might change, he's trained very well, he's in a good place physically, it's just having a taker really."