Hatters duo impressed by new boss

Nathan Jones discusses matters with captain Scott Cuthbert
Nathan Jones discusses matters with captain Scott Cuthbert

Hatters midfielder Alex Lawless believes the early signs are encouraging under new boss Nathan Jones.

The former Brighton & Hove Albion first team coach was appointed as John Still’s successor recently and took charge for the first time against Cambridge on Saturday.

“He’s put things in place and I don’t think he’ll take any messing with it which is great.”

Alex Lawless

On just what the new boss has been like in training, Lawless said: “It’s unfortunate for managers these days, but that’s the way it goes and the new gaffer has got the opportunity.

“Its been an exciting start from training-wise and there’s definitely encouraging signs.

“He’s put things in place and I don’t think he’ll take any messing with it which is great.

“We’ve had time to work on different areas and everyone’s been involved, everybody’s on the same page on what needs to happen.

“It is difficult because it is only one week but it was a good week and I think the rest of the weeks are going to be good as well.

“It’s promising, it’s enjoyable so we just have to take on board now what the gaffer’s teaching us and put into practice as soon as we can really.”

Although Hatters were held to a goalless on Saturday, there were signs, especially in the second period , that Luton will be looking to play much more of a possession-based game than in recent times.

Lawless continued: “That’s what we were encouraged to do in the right areas, at the right times and I think that’s the key to it now.

“It’s about us taking on board when and when not to do it, so the more times we do it, then the better we’re going to get at it.

“It obviously takes a little bit of time, but for results and for fans watching, we just want to do it as soon as we can.

“There’s got to be a bit of patience with it too though as there’s a lot of information to take in.”

Defender Magnus Okuonghae was more than happy with the switch in tactics too, as he said: “That’s the style of play he wants to implement.

“You can imagine that coming from Brighton, I’m sure you’ve seen them play over the years, and I think those things will come.

“The squad is more than capable of playing the way he wants to play, but we were never going to come out here and be Brazil.

“I think we showed signs that we can improve and showed signs that we will be able to dominate teams and get results that are required.”

Meanwhile, Lawless is confident that when his side are fully in tune with their manager’s wishes, it could be an exciting outcome for the Luton fans too.

He added: “All managers have got different styles and they all tap into different thing.

“It’s just structurally and with the ball, it seems to be we’re working on as many things as we can so there’s no grey area.

“But if we can get it right then I’m sure it will be enjoyable to watch, which I’m sure will be great for the fans.”