Hatters won't be breaking their transfer record again ahead of deadline closing

Luton manager Graeme Jones
Luton manager Graeme Jones

Luton boss Graeme Jones doesn’t anticipated breaking the club’s transfer record for a second time this summer before the window closes tomorrow.

Town brought in Croatian goalkeeper SImon Sluga recently for a fee of over £1.3m, easily eclipsing the £850,000 shelled out on Lars Elstrup back in 1989.

When asked if he felt Town could surpass that ahead of Thursday’s 5pm deadline, Jones said: “I don’t think we’ll be breaking the transfer record, no, on anybody.

"I'm delighted with Simon, delighted with our business for him, but it doesn’t really matter what you pay as long as you get the product right.”

Although Town have funds after selling James Justin and Jack Stacey to Leicester City and Bournemouth last month, chief executive Gary Sweet revealed ahead of the Middlesbrough game, that money won’t be fully available until three years has passed.

Jones knew that would always be the situation though and is relishing the financial challenges that come with trying to strengthen his squad for the Championship.

He added: “What Gary spoke about is the truth, that’s the reality of the game, that’s how transfer payments work.

“Everybody looks and says, ‘they’ve got that kind of money,’ it’s not like that at all, but I knew all that when I joined the club.

“We’ve got a salary cap that we’re not prepared to break this season for anybody.

“Again the reflection of that strength in unity on Friday night, those type of policies help that, believe me they help it as I’ve seen the other side of it.

“So I think everyone in the club’s level headed, everyone knows the club’s got a long term vision.

"It’s not about going about and spending some of the ridiculous Championship money that’s been spent in joining the party.

“We have to be different to everybody else and that’s been a challenge, it’s the truth, but it’s why I wanted to become a manager and that’s why I wanted to join Luton.

“If we had 50 million pounds to spend then maybe other people could do my job a little bit easier, so it’s just embracing it.

“What we’ve got is reality, it's reality here, that was a big attraction for me coming to the club, I like that.

“No matter what happens financially we always keep reality, we have to.

“We have to fight for that, that’s staff, players and supporters, we have to try and keep it that way.”