Hayrettin left to rue penalty decisions

Hakan Hayrettin
Hakan Hayrettin

Hatters first team coach Hakan Hayrettin felt his side were denied a number of clear-cut penalties during their 1-1 draw against Portsmouth yesterday.

On more than one occasion, Luton players tumbled to the floor under dubious challenges from Pompey defenders, when trying to reach crosses into the area, but referee Darren Deadman remained unmoved.

Speaking afterwards, Hayrettin said: “The one on (Jonathan) Smith was the one for me.

“He’s (the referee) looking straight at it and he has grabbed him with both hands. He’s just warned him and has done it in front of him.

“I think it’s a penalty, bang to rights, but he hasn’t given it. Why warn him if you’re not going to do anything about it?

“It’s no different to if you’re the last man and you get sent off. He just let it go, so there you go.”

Hayrettin believes there needs to be a clamp down on the issue to avoid it becoming out of hand too as he continued: “The referee’s have got to have a look at this as if you get get hold of anyone in the box, if you grab someone, he’s got to give it.

“If you’re impeding from them getting a run it should be a penalty, that’s my own personal view.”

It was an opinion that was shared by winger Luke Rooney, as he added: “I think Rossy (Ross Lafayette) feels he’s entitled to a couple of fouls in the box.

“It’s a tough one for the referees to give, as you see so many of them. Unless they all get together and give them, you won’t see them given.”

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