Johnson to mull over Hatters move

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson

Former England striker Andrew Johnson is still mulling over a move to Kenilworth Road, according to Hatters boss John Still.

The Town manager met with the 33-year-old forward this morning over a potential deal, after he was released by Crystal Palace earlier this month.

However, Johnson will now take time to decide whether he wants to continue a playing career that saw him win eight caps for his country as Still said: “We’ve spoken and I want to make this clear, Andrew Johnson was not necessarily in the group of players that we were speaking to or looking at originally.

“It came up because of his situation, and having spoken, he’s still in a situation were he’s not 100 per cent sure what he wants to do.

“By and large if he plays, he’ll play here. I don’t want to badger Andrew.

“When he’s ready to decide if he wants to play and for us it seems a long time, for him who’s played all these years, I think he just wants to make sure he can play and be comfortable playing and want to play.

“He has no (injury) problems at all. It’s whether he wants to continue playing. It’s with him, we’ve spoken but when he’s ready to make his mind up, he’ll make his mind up, so that’s where that is.”

After a career that has seen Johnson hit over 100 goals for the likes of Birmingham, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham and QPR, Still was realistic on whether a deal could be thrashed out.

He added: “Was I hopeful of him doing it? Well when you talk to someone who’s been a good player, of course you’re hopeful.

“But we weren’t pinning our hopes and dreams on Andrew because we have other things going on.

“That came up so we thought that was interesting. Lets see how it works, but I think we knew from day one, that he wanted a little bit of time to decide what he was going to do.”