Jones dreaming of taking Luton into the Premier League

Luton boss Graeme Jones
Luton boss Graeme Jones

Luton chief Graeme Jones has set his sights on one day leading the Hatters into the Premier League.

The Town boss begins his first season in charge at Kenilworth Road this term, with the club in the second tier of English football after winning League One last term.

Although he didn’t put a timescale on when the top flight could be reached, Jones cited the rise of a team like Bournemouth as a real inspiration, telling Sky Sports: “The aim ultimately is to get in the Premier League.

“When? I can't tell you, but you have to dream and you have to dream big, and why not?

“Bournemouth have achieved it, but again, it took Eddie (Howe) time to get his style of plan and principals across and he built that through the leagues, the way Luton Town's been built, the way I was a part of in Swansea.

“We built that in League One, took them into the Championship, we finished eighth in our first season, just outside the play-offs.

"It set other managers up, that style of play that they took into the Premier League and helped the club be successful for 10 years really, so that would be the aim long term.”

Chief executive Gary Sweet was also on the same page as his new manager, going even further in his hopes that not just Premier League football will be delivered to Bedfordshire.

He said: “Somebody asked me if it was a dream to get to the Championship.

“It’s not a dream, it’s a dream to get to the Champions League, that’s what I said.

“It’s actually a reality that we’re in the Championship and it was our plan to be in the Championship, so it’s expected for us to be there.

“It was just a matter of time, a matter of when, and I think the Premier League is also a matter of time and a matter of when.

“We knew it would happen, if it didn’t happen this season, it would happen the next one, or the one after.

“We’re determined people, we’re ambitious people, we might not have the money just to buy it, but we find a way.

“It was always the plan back in 2008 when we came together as a consortium that this would be the case and I actually have a dream of being in the Champions League, I don’t have a dream of being in the Championship and Premier League, as that will also be a reality.”

On just how Town are set up to do in the Championship this season, Jones added: “I think we're very well equipped.

"We won’t know until the first ball starts moving, when the season kicks off, so we need to assess from that point.

"But for now it's about preparation, it’s about can we do things that are gong to make the club stronger squad-wise, facility-wise, equipment-wise to prepare us for the wonderful challenge that’s coming.”