Jones left frustrated by Sincil Bank surface

Luke Berry gets stuck in against Lincoln yesterday
Luke Berry gets stuck in against Lincoln yesterday

Town boss Nathan Jones was hugely unimpressed with the playing surface that Luton were faced with at Lincoln City yesterday.

After battling to a goalless draw in the clash at Sincil Bank, played out in front of superb and noisy crowd of over 9,000, Jones felt the pitch hindered both side in their ability to create anything meaningful throughout.

He said: “We didn’t pass it well enough, but again the pitch was dry as it possibly could be. I didn’t see an ounce of water anywhere and think we’re going to have to get used to that.

“The first half we had our best chances and had a lot of counter attacks second half where needed a little bit more fluency, I don’t think the pitch helped that.

“It was very, very dry, bobbly. Any time anyone, including them, ran with the ball, it held up, it was sticky. It wasn’t conducive to a classic and it wasn’t.

“I didn’t envisage it being any kind of classic, unless we really were brave and got on it, we didn’t do it, especially second half.

“First half we did it on occasions, but it was just a containing game and just hoped that something doesn’t luckily drop to them.

“You have to concentrate, because I doubt I’ll be watching the game back. It's one of those games, it's not a good spectacle but we're pleased with a point as they will keep doing that all season and they will score against teams.

“They scored four against Carlisle, who have a far bigger, stronger, more robust team than us if you like, so we’re very pleased with that.”

Hatters altered their formation for the first time this season from the opening whistle, playing three at the back with Scott Cuthbert, Glen Rea and Alan Sheehan.

On why he opted for the change in shape, Jones denied it was purely to try and combat the likes of Matt Rhead and City’s direct tactics, as he added: “We never do that, I can honestly and categorically say we never do that.

“What we do is in terms of how we can affect those and how they press, but if I’m honest we played three centre halves not defensively, that’s how we felt we could get a little bit of control on the game.

“I don’t think it matters how many you put at the back you’re going to have to try and compete with Rhead and then get on the seconds.

“You could put 10 at the back, it wouldn’t make a difference, so we thought the best way for us to affect them with our build-up was to play a three.

“But that didn’t materialise. It did a bit first half as every time we did have a braveness to pass and get on it, we did and we got out.

“We created a few chances and on another day we would have nicked it.

“It was so difficult to get any kind of flow though, every time there was a challenge in the game, there was a free kick given, everyone retreated, walked into our box and then they just put it in our box.

“I could keep on, but I’m pleased with how we competed, as we’re not the biggest side, we don’t recruit giants, we recruit footballers.

“It wasn’t really a footballing game today, but they showed a different side to the game which I was pleased with.”