Jones: Patience will be key for Hatters fans

Town winger Danny Green
Town winger Danny Green

Hatters boss Nathan Jones has called on supporters to remain patient with his side as they get to grips with the new system he is implementing at Kenilworth Road.

Since Jones has taken the helm, the former Brighton first team coach has instilled a much greater possession-based game to the players, after a far more direct approach under previous boss John Still.

“The crowd are going to have to learn to deal with that because that’s the way we want to move forward.”

Nathan Jones

It was the case once more on Saturday, although with the scores at 1-1, there was an element of tension and frustration filtering through from the stands as Luton continued to keep the ball rather than go all out for winner.

It’s something Jones hopes will change over time though as he said: “Hartlepool came with a gameplan to sit back and try and hit us on the break and they did that at times.

“But I felt we’re building a reputation and I said when I first came, teams will change for us and that’s what they did.

“They sat back, allowed us to have possession, didn’t want to come out and press us too highly. We had a lot of possession and we’re going to have to learn to deal with that.

“The crowd are going to have to learn to deal with that because that’s the way we want to move forward.

“We want to dominate possession in games, if sides come out and want to play against us, then that opens up.

“The crowd when we’re playing well are superb, they’re right behind you, at times it can seem edgy though.

“I love being here, I love Kenilworth Road, I love the atmosphere. I would have loved to play in front of these fans who are demanding, and they’ve got to get that into them.

“They showed a lot of character my players and I’m very, very proud of them.”

Striker Craig Mackail-Smith also hopes the supporters will learn to understand what the players are trying to achieve as he continued: “It’s a bit more of a patient build up and we want to pass through teams, want to draw teams out and then want to hit them with a quick attacking break.

“Most teams in this division go back to front very quick and they play for the seconds, so it’s a completely different way of playing in this division.

“Sometimes it can be frustrating as it may not look like we’re going anywhere fast, but we’re trying to pull teams out of position and wear them down so we can make those chances later on in the game.

“As we go, the fans will understand and see how it goes and if we can put better performances in week after week then it’s fantastic for everyone.”

Winger Danny Green echoed his team-mates thoughts, adding: “I’ve never seen it happen in League Two football that much, it’s very much long ball and work off seconds, but you rarely see teams try and dominate possession.

“This season you’ve seen a lot more teams try and do it, even Hartlepool tried to play out and we matched it, we worked, pressed them, shut them down and we made them make mistakes.

“So a lot of teams are doing it this year, we’ve just got to make sure we dominate every game and hopefully come away with wins.

“The Luton fans come in great numbers. If I was a fan I’d want to come and watch good football and my team dominating play with good attacking football and I think first half we showed that.”