Jones praises Luton board for ‘fantastic’ backing during transfer window

Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

Hatters boss Nathan Jones has praised the club for their backing in the transfer window so far after signing striker Joe Pigott on loan from Charlton Athletic this morning.

The 22-year-old Addicks forward has agreed a deal until the end of the season, similar to the one that Bradford City defender Alan Sheehan penned last week.

“The club have backed me, I think I’ve been sensible, I think I’ve had a reasoning behind every decision I’ve made.”

Nathan Jones

Jones, who has also let Luke Guttridge and Luke Wilkinson leave the club too recently, said: “The club have been fantastic, the club have an ambition, the club want to get places if we do things in the right manner.

“It was a tough decision last week with Luke Wilkinson, we didn’t want to push Luke out the building, but it meant we got Alan Sheehan in.

“That was why we did it. It was a tough decision, but if we’re sensible in what we do and don’t go gung ho and go ‘we want this one, we want this one, we want this one,’ we don’t.

“It’s a jigsaw, Joe’s a piece in that jigsaw, to make us a better squad, make us a better team and that’s why we do these things.

“The club have backed me, I think I’ve been sensible, I think I’ve had a reasoning behind every decision I’ve made as I haven’t made anything sporadic.

“So the club have been fantastic, but I knew they would be.”

Although Jones is still looking to reduce the size of the squad at Kenilworth Road, he confirmed it wasn’t a case of one in, one out after signing Piggot.

The boss continued: “Not necessarily, we’ve been sensible in a lot of the stuff we’ve done.

“We know we have to move players on anyway because of the size of the squad, not because of personalities.

“Because one, you can’t keep 26/27 happy and two, you don’t get the intensity in training.

“I like to work with a smaller group, maybe people will be moving on, maybe people will be getting games because at the minute they haven’t had that intensity and those games.

“There’s a few decisions that are going to have to be made over the next weeks and months that are going to be made for the good of Luton.”

With the window shutting on Monday evening, whether Hatters would be making any more dealings, Jones added: “We’re quite content, we’re quite patient. We know the ones we would like to bring in eventually and it’s just one, evaluating the squad, two, being the right time.

“But we have a big enough squad, I have a team, I have enough on the bench to affect games.

“We’re in a nice place at the minute, steadily building, taking little steps, taking a quick one last week, so lets keep doing that.”