Jones satisfied City win shows Luton aren't a 'one trick pony'

Town chief Graeme Jones gives out instructions on Tuesday night
Town chief Graeme Jones gives out instructions on Tuesday night

Luton chief Graeme Jones was elated that last night’s 3-0 Carabao Cup second round win at Cardiff City showed his side aren’t in any way a ‘one trick pony.’

The Hatters dominated possession during the first half of the game in Wales, leading 1-0, after having had 78 per cent of the ball prior to the break.

That dropped to 70 per cent by full time, a turnaround from Saturday’s 3-1 triumph at Barnsley, where the hosts had far enjoyed possession themselves, Luton down to 41 per cent by the final whistle.

Ultimately both games ended in handsome away wins for the Hatters though, as Jones said: “We played out from the back a lot more today than we did on Saturday but, again, I’ll go back to that variety in your play. I don’t want to be a one-trick pony.

“We won on Saturday playing very differently to how we won tonight.

"I think the style of our performance suited our players tonight, but the lads have then got to carry that out and they did.

“The possession, I think when you come to somewhere like Cardiff, you’ve got to defend with the ball because, if you make it transitional, it’ll suit them.

"If we haven’t got the ball as much then, invariably, they’re getting set plays and putting them in your box.

"I thought we really controlled the environment tonight, we controlled it better than we did two-and-a-half weeks ago.

I know it’s cup competition as opposed to league, I know the crowd wasn’t the same, but their style of play is no different.

"Their principles of play is the same, it doesn’t matter who the players are, and so are ours.”

When leading 3-0, Town then managed the game superbly, with ole’s ringing out from the away faithful as Cardiff were denied the ball for a good two to three minutes at one stage.

Jones continued: “There’s different ways of defending and managing the game and I think we’re learning that slowly. It’s really, really satisfying.

“I’m satisfied because we won 3-0.

"I’m satisfield with the possession stats, but they’re nothing if you don’t score goals, iit depends what you do with them.

"We defended with the ball but we were a threat. We were intelligent with it, so there were lots of pleasing aspects.”

Securing back-to-back wins this week also showed Jones that his side is definitely starting to settle down to life in the Championship, showcased with a 3-0 win at a venue they had suffered a stoppage time defeat at just over a fortnight ago.

Jones added: “I think you have to be very, very careful in football with what you suggest sometimes, but I can see a step every week.

“Mentally, physiologically, we’re getting stronger, we’ve got stronger with a first team Championship performance on Saturday and with tonight’s performance.

“Maybe a fourth or a fifth (goal) would have been nice, but I thought we played really well.

“We earned the result and I like the manner in which we did it.

"I said tonight was a measurement and I think we’ve really grown in two-and-a-half weeks.”