Jones wants backroom staff in place swiftly

Nathan Jones with chief executive Gary Sweet
Nathan Jones with chief executive Gary Sweet

Hatters boss Nathan Jones remains hopeful of adding to his backroom staff at Kenilworth Road in the near future.

The former Brighton & Hove Albion first team coach was appointed last Wednesday, with Terry Harris and Hakan Hayrettin both leaving their positions at the club the next day.

When asked if was any close to having his own people in place, Jones said: “That’s ongoing, we are looking to put a couple in place, because I want to get my backroom staff in as soon as I can.

“It’s not always easy, but I want to do that because it’s important if we want to move forward and we want to move forward quickly, then I’d like my people around me.

“To be fair the staff here so far have been outstanding, they’ve been first class and have been a big big help to me.

“We’ll be moving forward with them as well, there won’t just be massive changes, that’s not how we work.

“There’s good people here, who before I came in, some I knew, some I didn’t, and we’ll be moving forward with them as well.

“Hopefully they can respond and hopefully they’ll have a new lease of life as well as that tends to happen when someone new comes, not that it’s better, but it’s new.”

With the changes in place, Jones is hopeful of progressing the club during his tenure, although is well aware, he can only do it if he has the full support of everyone connected with the club.

The boss added: “We’re going to make steps, we’re going to try to make steps, it’s an ongoing process.

“We’re not going to make wholesale changes and massive strides overnight as it’s a process. But from the time of now until down the line in terms of getting a new stadium and so on, in that period, we hope to take the club forward.

“That’s what I’d like to do. We’re going to try and implement things and if everyone else buys into that and helps, and we’re all part of it, the players, the staff, the board, the club, the fans, the people of Luton, we’re all part and parcel of that.

“To take the club forward it’s going to be little strides, but we want to take them quickly.”