Jones: We must learn lesson from Cardiff defeat

Ryan Tunnicliffe moves forward for Luton this afternoon
Ryan Tunnicliffe moves forward for Luton this afternoon

Town boss Graeme Jones felt his side learned a big lesson from their last-gasp 2-1 defeat at Cardiff City this afternoon.

Hatters had a point well within their grasp when Matty Pearson levelled with five minutes remaining, only to see ex-Luton attacker Isaac Vassell head home in stoppage time after the visitors were unable to clear their lines.

Jones, who was looking to sign Vassell in the transfer window, only to see the striker head to Wales, said: “That’s the definition of the Championship and how ruthless they can be.

“That’s the level, that’s the league and we’ve had an experience of it today and we need to learn from it.

“We’re slicing at things, putting things out for throw-ins, they’re fatigued, we’re fatigued, that’s the way they play, it’s not how we play.

“We need to think, we need to show composure in key moments, that’s when you really gain confidence.

“So I can easily come in here and talk about positives, because they were a Premier League club two months ago and for 94 minutes, we competed, no question about it.

“But if you’re going to earn something in football, you have to earn it for the full period and we didn't.

"We competed and we played really well for 94 minutes, but the game is 95 and we got what we deserved.

“I’m not thinking about who scored, I’m thinking about stopping the cross, I’m thinking about punching the ball, I’m thinking about Luke Berry’s tried to have some composure for us in a real frantic moment for both teams.

“Isaac Vassell, that’s the result of not stopping the cross and giving the ball away, not controlling the moment, and as I’ve said, it’s a big lesson.”