Lafayette belives D’Urso should have showed leniency

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Hatters striker Ross Lafayette felt referee Andy D’Urso should have showed some leniency towards team-mate Steve McNulty at Morecambe yesterday.

The Luton skipper was sent off after just 28 minutes, with D’Urso producing two yellow cards timed at just 92 seconds apart.

McNulty’s dismissal was the third time D’Urso has sent off a Hatters player inside the opening half an hour during his career and Lafayette felt a talking too would have sufficed.

He said: “I understand the first booking and the second one, it’s a foul, but I got fouled and it was just a free kick.

“A bit of leniency from the referee could have been dealt with in that incident as I don’t think it was an over the ball foul or a major foul.

“But its been and gone now. Unfortunately Macca didn’t get the rub of the green and neither did we as a team, so it didn’t help the cause.”

Boss John Still also felt the second yellow card had been harsh on his captain, as he added: “I thought they were both fouls, only the referee decided if they’re both going to be yellow cards.

“The first one was. From where I was, I don’t know about the second, but you can make a million excuses for reasons why.

“I try to look at the reasons why not, so I haven’t really got a view on it. The referee decided he had to go off, so he had to go off.”

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