Luton won't rush LuaLua back to first team action

Hatters attacker Kazenga LuaLua in action last season
Hatters attacker Kazenga LuaLua in action last season

Town manager Graeme Jones will not rush Kazenga LuaLua back into contention for the first team until the attacker is fully ready.

The 28-year-old missed large parts of pre-season after first rejecting a contract with the Hatters, only to then agree a new deal shortly afterwards.

He is back in training now though, and when asked when supporters might see him in action, Jones said: “He’s close to contributing, but again we have to be sensible, we want Kazenga for the season, we don’t want Kazenga for Cardiff.

“So I’ll speak with the medical staff, speak with the sports scientists and we’ll make a decision on the long term interests of Kazenga LuaLua.

“It would be easy to say now, ‘I want him available for the weekend,’ but we’re the ones as a club taking a hit in order to get a long term value out of him, because we need his quality over the season.

“So we’ll be looking at it from that point of view.

“He’s had 45 minutes at Millwall yesterday, see how he comes in tomorrow, we’ll get him assessed and make a decision, again in the best interests of the club, but in particular Kazenga.”

On just what LuaLua needs to do to make sure that he doesn’t break down again once back in the side, Jones added: “In order for us to have security with Kazenga, when the intensity goes up, he has to have volume in his body, it’s the only security we’re going to get.

“If we turn the intensity up now, right now, then we’re taking a risk, so I’m delighted to have him in the building, delighted for the prototype that we’ve got with him.

“Again he’s someone who’s got great Championship experience, he’s someone who can turn a game in a second, but he just needs to be looked after and make sure when he dies come in and play minutes, he’s going to stay.”