McCormack to see a specialist over groin problem

Alan McCormack has gone to see a specialist
Alan McCormack has gone to see a specialist

Hatters boss Nathan Jones has confirmed that midfielder Alan McCormack will see a specialist today to try and get to the bottom of his troublesome groin problem.

The 33-year-old has missed the last six games after going off in the first half against Wycombe Wanderers last month, with the Luton chief confirming the news in this afternoon’s press conference.

I mention the word operation and people panic, it might not be that, it might be a little procedure, might be an injection.

Nathan Jones

He said: “We’ve sent Alan McCormack to see a specialist today, because we want to get it sorted.

“It’s an ideal time at the minute, we’re not looking to make wholesale changes, so Alan might not feature as prominently as he would have liked immediately.

“So what we’ll do is take this opportunity to, whatever little issues he has, to sort out.

“We’re blessed with a little bit of a wealth of midfield players, so right at this time, it’s given us a little opportunity to do something which will stand Alan in good stead for longevity, because we’re going to need him.”

When asked if he thought McCormack would need an operation, Jones continued: “We’ll have to wait and see.

“I don’t want to speculate, because it might not be.

“I mention the word operation and people panic, it might not be that, it might be a little procedure, might be an injection.

“He’s gone to see the one that he’s dealt with before and we’ve instigated that.

“Because it’s all well and good coming back and training 80, 85 per cent, then not being involved, but we want to get this right because we have a strength of squad that can cope with a short term little injury.

“We don’t want anyone getting long term injuries, but we have a squad that can do that and it’s about the timing really.

“It’s important as there’s going to no time through December and after.”

The displays of Glen Rea in the holding role is another reason why Jones has sent McCormack to get treatment, as he said: “Glen’s in decent form, I know what I get from Glen, that’s why Glen’s here.

“I trust the kid, I respect him, he was very frustrated when he was left out of the team as it doesn’t happen often under me.

“But he’s had to fight for his place, because that is the strength of what we have.

“He’s done very well in both berths, when I had to drop him into the back three, he handled (Jayden) Stockley very, very well and negated that threat, which was probably Exeter’s primary threat, so was important to do that.

“There’s still massive room for improvement, especially if he wants to be a centre half, there’s room for improvement, if he wants to be a defensive midfield player, there’s room for improvement.

“But that’s why he’s here as we like to develop.”

Meanwhile, on the fitness of Andrew Shinnie and Lawson D’Ath who both travelled to Exeter, but weren’t included in the squad, Jones added: “They were unfortunately were left out.

“Shinnie just lacks a bit of match tempo, so it was hard to put him into such a game like that when we have people who are on the front foot and really doing well.

“Then it was just a straight decision really with Lawson.

“Lawson has had a little bit of a niggle and when we have a little bit of a niggle, we don’t risk anything, because we haven’t had to.

“Two weeks earlier, Lawson would have been on the bench, probably come on, but because of the strength we had this week going into the Stevenage game and going into the Exeter game, we were able to think, okay we can treat that, because we don’t want to take any long term chances for short term gains.”