Moncur may well mix it up if he lines up another free-kick

Town goalscorer George Moncur
Town goalscorer George Moncur

Free kick specialist George Moncur admits he might have to switch it up should the Hatters win another set-piece in shooting range against Coventry City this weekend.

The former Barnsley midfielder scored his first attempt against Portsmouth recently after regular taker James Justin dummied the ball.

It’s worked twice and other people will probably see that now and suss on to the man running over the ball.

George Moncur

The pair replicated that tactic at Fleetwood on Saturday, Moncur curling a stunner beyond Alex Cairns and into the net.

However, with teams potentially getting wise to their trick, Moncur said: “We’ve said anywhere around the edge of the box, JJ likes to run over it, and I like to put it in the net.

“But if people are watching this and they know that, we might have to do something else.

“It’s worked twice and other people will probably see that now and suss on to the man running over the ball.

“There’s always competition, I think he fancies himself as well, so I might let him have one next time.

“It is doing the keeper a bit with the positioning, because every time he does that he seems to move, the wall, or the keeper.

“I was thinking about going the other side, but I saw there was a little bit of a gap around the wall.

“I’ve managed to get it up and over and round and luckily enough I’ve got it in the top corner.”

Team-mate Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu had expected regular taker Justin to pull rank, saying: “I can’t lie, against Portsmouth I’m surprised JJ let him take it.

“But then it went in, so his confidence is high.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to take them off him, maybe El (Elliot Lee) might have a word, but he’s scored two free kicks, so we can’t complain about him.”

Town chief Mick Harford was thrilled to see yet another set-piece routine pay off too, as he continued: “We weren’t sure who was going to take it, it was either JJ or George and thankfully George took it, as he did the other week.

“A brilliant goal, brilliant finish, he was part of our play that got us that free kick in terms of the counter attack, but it was a brilliant goal.

“I’m absolutely thrilled for George, he’s a great kid, a great personality around the place, and he would have enjoyed that goal.”

Although Moncur has shown an unerring accuracy from set-pieces, he conceded it’s not a skill other clubs have utilised during his career.

He said: “Not really, I used to practice them quite a bit, but I’ve not really been on them in other teams.

“I don’t really know why, but I’m more than happy to keep taking them and try to put them in the back of the net.

“I’ve not really thought about it before, I don’t know why, but I’m going to try and keep getting on them.”

On which effort has been his favourite so far, Moncur confirmed it was Saturday’s at Highbury, adding: “I think so, because there wasn’t as much room around the side of it.

“I just managed to get it round again and up a tiny big higher than the other one, so I was really happy that it went in.”