Passionate Jones relishing first game in charge

Luton Town boss Nathan Jones
Luton Town boss Nathan Jones

Hatters chief Nathan Jones is relishing the opportunity to take charge of his new side for the first time during tomorrow’s League Two clash at home to Cambridge United.

The former Brighton & Hove Albion has been in charge at Kenilworth Road for just over a week now, but Saturday will be the first chance to take the helm in a competitive fixture and he admitted it would be a proud moment.

“I’m a passionate guy, I’ll be there with the players, so will my staff, we’re looking forward to it.” ”

Nathan Jones

Jones said: “I’m a passionate guy anyway, I’m passionate about football, and about lots of things.

“I’m going to be very proud every time I lead Luton Town out, it’s a big club, I’m honoured to be in charge of it and I’ll make sure I sort of look after the role, make sure I do it proud, that’s all I can do.

“I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, I’m a passionate guy and I’m sure the fans will see my passion.

“But, I won’t get carried away, although I want us to have passion, and want the fans to have an affiliation with us, to know it hurts us as it has hurt them in the past and how we’re going to change things.

“I’m sure all those things will come out, I’m not a miracle worker, I’m very grounded, hard working, I’ve got good staff, and that’s how we’re going to make changes to what we do.

“Whether I stand up, sit down or not, the same message will be put across, but I’m a passionate guy, I’ll be there with the players, so will my staff, we’re looking forward to it.”

With Luton knocked out of the FA Cup by Peterborough United, it gave Jones an extra week with the squad but on whether that will prove beneficial, the boss continued: “It’s been a very good week, the players have responded really well, they’ve come in with a great attitude and what I’ve asked them to do and try and do, they’ve looked to do,

“The weather has been slightly restricting but in terms of everything else, it’s been a real positive week and I’ve enjoyed it.

“Whether it’s a bonus or not you don’t know. Because sometimes when you come in and you get an initial reaction straight away anyway, so you never really know.

“It has given me a little bit of time to familiarise myself with the opposition, familiarise myself with the squad and to get a good week of training with no new injury worries.”

On just what Luton supporters can expect to see from a team taken by Jones, the new boss continued: “I have a way of playing, but we’re going to take every game as it comes.

“It’s a really difficult game on the weekend against Cambridge, bit of a derby if you like, bit of rivalry there and it’s going to be a really difficult game.

“We’re going to put out a team that we believe are capable of getting a performance for Luton Town and that’s all we’re concerned about, as we move forward and as we evaluate and see we are, we’ll implement a few things.

“But there won’t be anything revolutionary, let’s not get carried away, I’ma young manager, but I’m experienced in certain things and I’m grounded, so it won’t be revolution, subtle changes along the way and see where it takes us.

“I have a way I want to play, everything’s fixed in my mind how I would like to play, how I’d like to move forward and evidently that’s how I got the job.

“If I was a little bit airy fairy about what I want to do, then you haven’t really got a fixed way of thinking.

“I know what I’d like to achieve, how we get there is going to made up of lots of little facets, if all them come together in time, then hopefully we can be successful.