Sarll accuses Boro players of disgracing their club

Town striker Danny Hylton wheels away after scoring his first of the afternoon
Town striker Danny Hylton wheels away after scoring his first of the afternoon

Stevenage boss Darren Sarll accused his players of disgracing the club and the town as a whole after they were hammered 7-1 by Luton Town this afternoon.

Luke Berry scored a hat-trick for the Hatters as they tore apart a Boro side, condemning them to their worst ever Football League defeat.

Speaking afterwards, Sarll said: "We've disgraced ourselves, we've disgraced our football club and we've disgraced our town and we deserve all the obvious criticisms that are coming our way.

"We deserve it. You have to take it. I saw the fans at the end and I can't argue with the fans and any of their pleas or their criticisms.

“We're just in a place where we have to take all the punches that are coming our way, but the big thing for me is that we've disrespected our football club, and that doesn't sit right with me, it really doesn’t sit right with me, as I work too hard for that disrespect to come our way.”

When asked to put his finger on just why Stevenage were so poor on the day, Sarll continued: “When chances are presented they scored.

“When we opened our doors, which was fairly often when the ball got in and around our final third and we knew that crosses or counter attacks were going to be of massive significance, we were so soft defending our own box.

“So if you have a softness to you defensively where every time a ball gets into the box you allow an opponent to get a shot on goal, what do you think ends up happening? You end up conceding lots of goals.

“Then for example, we conceded that shoddy first goal, absolutely shoddy and we go down the other end and miss the post by whatever distance, a millimetre, a mile, we missed and that pretty much summed up the afternoon.

"I thought first half on play it was okay, but any time they got in and around our box, my heart skips a beat and every time we got in and around their box I was unbelievably disappointed with our quality of finish or lack of quality of finish.

“We should be absolutely appalled with ourselves this evening going home, and we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves: really, have we given everything today?

“I don’t think we have given everything today.

"Some of our senior characters didn't puff their chests out, they've just walked away and cried aimlessly in the corner."

Sarll then continued with his scathing attack on the players too, saying: “Let’s be emotional about this – if that transfer window was open right now, there’d be 11 on the transfer list tomorrow morning.

“Fourteen including the subs, because they weren’t good enough either.

“We have to work with what’s inside, and if they’re any type of human being, if there’s any morality about them as people, our players.

“For the first time in my 18 months I’m questioning that morality and their integrity.”

Sarll was also furious with former Hatter Luke Wilkinson for conceding a penalty by fouling James Collins early in the second half which extinguished any fightback Boro may have threatened.

He added: “Luton are good at that. The players are told not to go too tight with a Hylton or a Collins. Collins did it to Wilkinson last year at Crawley.

“You go too tight and they fall and they get their pens. Who’s in the wrong? The player that falls or the player that knows that he’s going to fall yet still goes and gets that tight? It’s a very tough one.

“I thought it looked soft. It’s just a stupid, stupid moment in the box. It’s just highlighting what I’m saying.

“I can’t go through every goal because I can’t remember them. There was too many of them. But it just goes to show how shoddy we were defending our penalty box. As a defensive unit, we were nowhere near.

“I’ve put out what I consider my best team today – maybe minus Jack King, who’s close but not fit enough yet. And that’s what Stevenage had for them today. It’s very disrespectful and I’m disgraced by the performance.”