Sarll fuming by 'scandalous' decision as his Boro side are 'robbed'

James Collins is brought down by Stevenage defender Ronnie Henry
James Collins is brought down by Stevenage defender Ronnie Henry

Stevenage boss Darren Sarll was left fuming after what he described a ‘scandalous’ decision from referee Darren Handley during his side’s 1-1 draw against Luton this afternoon.

With five minutes to go, Luton striker James Collins burst into the area and about to shoot, he was fouled from behind by ex-Luton skipper Ronnie Henry resulting in a pretty straight forward penalty award.

However, Sarll saw it differently and despite the scores being goalless at the time, felt the official denied his side the three points, saying: “Our lads have been absolutely robbed, we've been robbed of three points.

“The momentum was with us, I thought a goal was imminent.

“I felt the threat was coming from (Johnny) Goddard on the left hand side, I thought (Alex) Revell was starting to make waves, Danny's (Newton) energy and aggression was starting to be a focal point for us.

“The penalty decision is probably the most scandalous decision and the most scandalous thing about is at the end, the referee's explanation was, that 'the tackle was good.'

“So let me say that again, as I know everyone is going to fall over like I did when I heard that, ‘the tackle is good, but two arms in the back.’

“I don’t know if he’s ever played football before but when you slide tackle, if you don’t lean back and your feet don't extend in front, you can’t make tackles.

“You can’t throw your legs forward and your upper body forward at the same time, its bio mechanically impossible.

“I have never heard such a reason for giving a penalty all my life and let me say it again; ‘the tackle was good.’”

Sarll also felt that Handley missed a handball in the Hatters penalty area from centre half Alan Sheehan, as he believed his side were bitterly hard done by on the day, adding: “Am I pleased with a point?

“No, I’m not because I’m furious because we have been robbed, absolutely robbed.

“I’ve seen them both. I wouldn’t come out and make wild accusations but I’m telling everyone what he told me.

“The tackle’s good but he’s pushed him in the back. I don’t know how you do it.

“What these people don’t realise is the way the supporters view the team, myself, my staff and pretty much everybody at the football club is dependent on results.

“So to come out with such an excuse, I can’t get my head round it.

“It’s very hard for me to accept.”