Sheehan ready to watch deals go through on deadline day

Hatters defender Alan Sheehan
Hatters defender Alan Sheehan

Hatters defender Alan Sheehan admitted that like the rest of the football world, he will be glued to the TV to watch transfer deadline day unfolding this evening.

The 30-year-old, who has made a late move himself during a 14-year career, joining Leeds United from Leicester City on the penultimate day of the window back in January 2008, will put his feet up and watch the comings and goings this time, ahead of the window shutting at 11pm.

When asked if he watched it, he said: “You do, I suppose everyone wants to know what’s going on.

“The money getting thrown around in this window is incredible for a lot of players, they probably never have to play again after these contracts they’re getting.

“But that’s the top flight, everyone’s spending more and more, prices are going up, so it’s ridiculous prices getting thrown around.”

On whether the lateness of the moves affects affects players within the clubs, Sheehan continued: “I suppose it’s different, there’s different mindsets.

“Players are always going to be linked with different clubs, it’s the way football is. Clubs are after a lot of players and they’ll do what they have to do to get the players.

“But all players are different. Personally, you just focus on your own job and get yourself right for the Saturday as if you end up coming or going, it’s probably out of your hands now.

“So you can only focus on what happens on the pitch.”

When asked about how Town’s squad specifically have coped with the window, after Isaac Vassell's impending departure appeared to weigh heavily on them in the 1-0 defeat at Barnet, Sheehan added: “Everybody wants to have the best players, I think we’ve got a very strong squad here at the moment, but we just kind of get on with it.

“This is our day to day, we work really hard and it’s just trying to get on with it and not let things off the pitch really get involved in our life.”