Shinnie felt Fleetwood never backed up Barton's 'silly' pre-match comments

Fleetwood boss Joey Barton
Fleetwood boss Joey Barton

Town midfielder Andrew Shinnie felt that Fleetwood hadn't managed to back up manager Joey Barton’s 'silly' pre-match comments about the Hatters having a ‘number of weaknesses’ on Saturday.

The former Newcastle and Manchester City midfielder had stated before the game that having watched Luton at Bury, he felt the Hatters had areas his team could exploit, while the League One promotion chasers didn’t fill him with any fear either.

However, after Hatters eased to a 2-0 victory over the Cod Army at Kenilworth Road, Shinnie said: "I actually saw it, don’t know why, but I saw the comments and just thought it was his opinion really.

"Maybe it's a bit silly to say it, if you say stuff like that, you’ve got to come here and beat us and they didn’t.

“Even though we weren’t at our fluent best, we were still the better team and Joey Barton’s a controversial guy, maybe he thinks we do have weaknesses.

“Maybe he watched one game? I think he said he watched us at Bury, so he watched one game, at Bury we played differently than we normally play.

“So maybe he looked at that game and saw something, but he obviously hasn’t watched a lot of our games this season as he wouldn’t have said that.”

Hatters boss Nathan Jones hadn’t taken any real notice of his opposite number comments either, but did admit that Town do have things they can work on to get even better this term.

He added: “I never listen to an interview or read an interview that anyone else says if I’m honest, I don’t read stuff like that because I think it can detract.

"He’s right, we have weaknesses, we’re not a perfect side.

"I would imagine that (Pep) Guardiola (Manchester City boss) says the same thing about his side.

"I don’t like to get clouded, if there’s anything outrageous then people send me some stuff.

"We had a manager here and we had systematically dismantled them at home, he said that they were better than us which was borderline lunacy.

"Someone sent me those (Barton's) quotes and I read them in the lead up, but I don’t like to get swayed or get emotional.

"We prepare how we prepare, we know we have weaknesses as that’s why work work daily.

"If we didn’t have any weaknesses then we’d sit at home, I could have a lot more time with the dog and the missus and we’d be fine."