Still and McNulty agree to meet Hatters supporter

Hatters boss John Still
Hatters boss John Still
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Hatters boss John Still has confirmed both he and club captain Steve McNulty will today meet the supporter they had a heated debate with at the weekend.

Following the final whistle on Saturday, both Still and his skipper went over for a heated exchange with the fan who was critical of Town’s 3-2 home defeat by Morecambe.

“I understand the emotion of a game and maybe he was emotional, but he was clearly upsetting people around him.”

John Still

McNulty invited any supporters who had abused the players to meet him at the training ground as Still: “One’s coming in, someone’s going to see Steve today and I’m going to pop along as well.

“In fairness to him, he said he will come in and we’ll see the outcome of that.

“It would be great if it was a person coming in positive, because from my own point of view, I always try and look through someone else’s eyes. If there’s something that’s gone on, or something’s happened, I always try and look through the other person’s eyes as well, I try and turn it around.

“When I do that, I do that as a football supporter as well. I understand this is his club, it’s not my club, I manage the club, I’ve grown really close to this club, but I didn’t grow up as a Luton supporter.

“He probably did, and supporters out there probably did.

“I understand the emotion of that, I really do and I love the emotion of that, because you want the best for your team.

“When I watch what I call ‘my team’, I’m always realistic to what I would be expect, but am I disappointed when we lose? Yes.

“Am I disappointed when we don’t play well? Of course I am. But I’m realistic enough to know that, hold on, we’re all right, this team is okay.

“I’m also realistic enough to know my team isn’t going to win the league ever year and it’s not going to play great every week.

“But at the end of the season, I look at it and go, I think they’ve had a decent season, or not a decent season.

“I understand the emotion of a game and maybe he was emotional, but he was clearly upsetting people around him.

“I don’t think he should be doing that. If he’s unhappy himself, that’s fine, I don’t think he should be upsetting people around him.”