Still blasts Luton ‘hooligans’

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still blasted the ‘hooligans’ who clashed with Stevenage supporters during the closing stages of his side’s 0-0 draw at Stevenage this afternoon.

With four minutes to go and Luton striker Paul Benson seeing red for a challenge on Ben Kennedy, a handful of Luton fans ran over to the home supporters, where punches were traded.

“When you leave the area you’re supposed to be in, that’s when you cease to be a football supporter and become a hooligan.”

John Still

Speaking afterwards, Still said: “For the people that left where they should be and went to where they shouldn’t be, the game is not about that.

“If you think you’re a Luton supporter, or a football supporter, you’re not, I don’t care, you’re not. Stay where you should be, support your team, have a bit of banter, but there’s no place in football for that for me.

“Those people maybe call themselves Luton supporters, but they’re not Luton supporters. We don’t stand for that, as the manager I don’t stand for that, it’s got no place in football, simple as that.

“I think that when you leave the area you’re supposed to be in, that’s when you cease to be a football supporter and become a hooligan.

“It had been a fantastic atmosphere and it’s quite a local game, so maybe we had people come who are not what I call proper Luton supporters and they’d have been the ones who are over there.”

On whether Luton will face recriminations from the FA over their supporters actions, Still added: “That’s nothing to do with me. I haven’t really got a thought on that at the moment.”

Skipper Scott Cuthbert was in agreement with his manager, saying: “It’s unacceptable. To play football and the majority come here to watch and support the team, the last thing you want to see is hooligans like that jumping on and throwing punches and starting fights, that’s not what it’s about.”

Meanwhile, Stevenage captain Ronnie Henry, who spent two years at Kenilworth Road, added: “It’s a derby, it’s always going to be feisty isn’t it.

“Both sets of fans want us to win the game, Luton fans are no different, they want to win every game, win every inch, I know that for a fact, I was there for two years, but it didn’t effect the game in the end.”