Still demands a complete performance against Crawley

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still has urged his side to perform for the entire 90 minutes when they visit Crawley Town in the FA Cup this afternoon.

Luton travelled to the Red Devils just three weeks ago for a League Two encounter, where having led 1-0, produced a second half display labelled their ‘worst of the season’ by Still, eventually losing 2-1.

“This is just another game and hopefully we can produce 90 minutes of football and not 45.”

John Still

The Town chief isn’t out for revenge this time though, just a more consistent showing as he said: “We had played well in the first half and I didn’t think we were in danger.

“We looked good, looked solid and the second half performance was probably our worst 45 minutes of the season as I thought we lost it completely.

“We’ve worked our way back a little bit since then, but we were poor then.

“When people say is it a chance for revenge, it’s not a chance for revenge, that’s gone, we can’t change that, we got beat.

“This is just another game and hopefully we can produce 90 minutes of football and not 45.”

Still is a big fan of the FA Cup too and is hopeful of a good run in the competition this season.

He continued: “It’s the best cup competition in the world for me.

“It went out of fashion a couple of years ago, the race for Champions League football, where maybe people decided they would just alter their side a little bit, but I think it’s come back in fashion again.

“It’s a fantastic competition for all clubs, clubs that can win it and clubs that can get great games in it.

“We would come into the second category for the moment, but it’s a great opportunity and our cup form has been good this year.

“The experience that some of the younger players can gain from the bigger draws you get is fantastic and so it’s a double edged sword.

“For the club, the financial rewards and for the players the career rewards I think are very good and I look forward to it every year.”

Hatters reached the third round last year, losing 2-1 at Cambridge, who went on to earn a fourth round money-spinning tie with Premier League giants Manchester United.

Stil added: “I don’t really worry who you play, home or away, if it’s your time you have a great opportunity.

“We hope that we can further progress and find a draw that excites everybody, which is no disrespect to the draw we have with Crawley.

“This is just the start of the competition for us, and for them. They’re probably thinking the same thing that possibly there’s a big game for someone around the corner and you’re always hoping it’s you.”