Still expects to add new loan striker

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still is expecting to add another striker to his ranks before this weekend’s League Two clash at AFC Wimbledon.

Speaking to the press this afternoon, he confirmed talks were at an advanced stage for the loan signing, saying: “We’ve got something that we hope will go through in the next day or two, by the weekend.

“It’s important that you look at the stats around this as if you bring someone in too early it doesn’t potentially cover your last game of the season.

“We’ve been looking for someone to come in to aid the goalscoring department, and we’re hopeful of doing that certainly by the weekend.”

Still revealed the new striker would be an alternative option to the likes of current loanee Jayden Stockley, as he continued: “It’s a different sort of player to Jayden, we’ve put him in with Paul (Benson), that sort of centre forward type player.

“This is probably a different type of player, that fox in the box type player that we feel would be a benefit.

“It’s something we’ve had in our mind for some time, but had to wait for the right time for player and club.

“We think now’s the right time for player and club, so between now and this time tomorrow afternoon, I think we’ll have some news.”

With the likes of Ricky Miller injured and Charlie Walker still developing, Still was eager to complete the deal with a top three place in League Two up for grabs.

He added: “We’ve always looked for that person to play off the main person like Cully (Mark Cullen) does.

“Ricky Miller is injured and to get him here with enough games and enough fitness has not been easy.

“Charlie’s been a little bit in that, although slightly behind Ricky in terms of his progress.

“It gets to a stage of how long do you wait? It’s a difficult one. We always looked around for someone who we felt was that penalty box player.

“We had one in mind, but we’ve had to wait so fortunately we think we can do it and we hope it will be done by the weekend.

“Even in this instance, it’s a player who has been injured, but fit now, so hopefully it will all to go plan.”