Still flummoxed by Town’s poor starts

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still hasn’t been able to put his finger on quite why Luton have been making such poor starts to games recently.

The Luton chief has been disappointed with his side’s first half displays in their last five games, but has yet to come up with a solution as to why it’s been happening.

“So why’s that happening? I haven’t got a clue, seriously. I haven’t got a clue, but it’s happening.”

John Still

He said: “It’s been crazy because we started poor at Wimbledon and the second half played like Luton.

“Mansfield we started poorly. We were all right second half, we weren’t great, while the other day (Morecambe) we started poorly and did everything but win the game.

“So why’s that happening? I haven’t got a clue, seriously. I haven’t got a clue, but it’s happening.

“So we need to try and address that, start bright, start sharp, be fully focused.

“But there’s two things doing this job, everyone giving everything they’ve got, I know these players, I could never ask for more as the way they tried to come back in two games.

“And I don’t believe in luck, but two things that might never have happened, have happened. We conceded a goal late on at Wimbledon and we had an own goal against us the other day.

“That happens in football, but how we responded in those two games was unbelievable.

“The game is 90 minutes so we’ve got to play 90 minutes and we haven’t done in a few games.”

Despite the poor run of results that has seen Luton lose four from five to falter in the race for a top three spot, Still remains confident things will change for his side as he continued: “Some of our form’s not been particularly good in games, yet in the second half on Saturday our form was very good, so we don’t have a problem with that.

“We just have a problem at the moment in working things out on the pitch and dealing with things on the pitch.

“I always look at myself and say, I should be doing better if I think I should be doing better and I always say the players should be doing better if I think the players should be doing better.

“But at the moment we all have to do better, there isn’t one thing I’m going to put my finger on and say this is it.

“Sometimes I just say maybe the team might not quite be good enough at this moment, but if it keeps playing and keeps going, they’re good players, they know their jobs, we’ll spin that round because I know the capability of the players.

“We all know the term that form is temporary and it is, for a variety of reasons a team can lose form and we’ve lost form, but if we work hard at it, we’ll come back at is.”

No matter where Town end up this campaign though, Still insisted he will be satisfied as long as he can see clear steps are being made,

The boss added: “It’s all about progress. Every year we have to try and progress.

“We won the league last year, as long as we don’t go down we’ve made progress. But can we got up? Yes we can. Can we go up automatically? Yes we can.

“If it isn’t in automatic, can it be in play-offs? Yes it can be. But we have to keep making progress and I have to keep deciding what players can come with is and who can’t.”