Still hopeful of closing in on top target

John Still
John Still

Hatters boss John Still has revealed the club are in with a chance of landing one of his top targets during the transfer window.

The Luton manager confirmed in his press conference this afternoon that talks are at an advanced stage with the player and their club, with Still expecting an answer over the next few days.

He said: “I’m aware that if players we think are suitable for us, are available, then we’ll probably try and do something,

“I’d sooner have permanent and that’s what I’ve been working my socks off to do.

“We’ve identified a couple, but it depends on lots of things. Will the club let them go? Can the deal be done financially? Does the player want to come?

“Of the targets that have been identified, we’ve had talks with some, but it’s a no.

“We’re still in with a shout with what was our first choice though, so today and tomorrow might tell us a bit more about that.

“We’ve had talks, the players wants to do it, it’s whether the club will allow it to happen, so we’ll see.”

Still reiterated that he won’t be signing players for the sake of it during the window, and that anyone coming in would be to challenge for a first team spot.

He added: “We identify targets and when we go for them, if it’s possible it will happen and if it isn’t possible, for whatever reason, it doesn’t happen.

“We’ve had a few talks this week with players, some I know won’t work, one or two might work.

“We’ve been pretty productive, but it’s not a case of finding a player, there’s hundreds of players, it’s a case of finding the right player for us.

“If we bring someone in, they’ll be top end players, players that would be classed as coming here, believing that they’re going to play.

“But as I always point out to players that come here. If you want me to write on a piece of paper you’re going to come here and play, I’m not going to do that as that would be disrespectful to the players that are here.”