Still: I’ve no problem with Cambridge boss Money

Richard Money
Richard Money

Hatters boss John Still has declared there is no animosity between himself and Cambridge boss Richard Money.

The former Luton manager Money engaged in words with Still on the touchline when the two clubs last met.

But in advance of Saturday’s FA Cup Third Round tie between the sides at the R Costings Abbey Stadium Still said that was all in the past.

He said: “I’ve got nothing against Richard Money. I have known Richard for many years, and I find him to be a hardworking footbal man. Is he my best mate - no he isn’t. Do I respect the job he does - yes I do. He’s done a very good job at Cambridge.

“Things get said and done on the touchline and we have all got to be big enough to overcome them. Unless something personal happens to me I don’t hold grudges.

“He apologised after, whether he meant it I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned it’s gone.”

Still is looking forward to Saturday’s cup game, with Luton once again playing a side in League Two.

He said: We had this with Newport and Bury (playing teams from the same division). We are all looking forward to it.

“This does make a break from the league. Not in terms of your attitude but in your though process, because if you win this you could get another winnable game or a really really good game.

“When we heard the draw and it could be Mansfield or Cambridge I think we hoped it would be Cambridge. Nothing against Mansfield, but it’s a local derby, last year we were playing in the same league. It gives things an extra edge.

“There is nothing worse than walking out where there is no atmosphere and no noise. To get that wall of noise and expectation is fantastic.”

Still was keen for the run to continue: “Some people say let’s get a big game, and then we go out, but personally I want us to go as far as we can. Hypothetically, if Luton got to the quarter final, whoever we play, it’s incredible. So let’s go as far as we can.

“This year we can handle this cup run. Our squad is more knowledgeable this year and we will do our best to get to the next round.”

Still described the FA Cup as the world’s best club competition: “I think everyone gets excited by the FA Cup, we’re all like little kids about it. I love the FA Cup.

“When you were playing in the playground with your mates, and it’s one team against another, you’re not playing a league game, it’s an FA Cup game. It’s the greatest club competition in the world.

“The best team wins the league, any league, every year, because it’s 40 odd games.

“But anyone can win a cup. I’m not saying that disrespectfully, but if that wasn’t the case the best team would also win the cup. Going back in history, the double wasn’t won very often.

“Anyone can win a cup game. I always look at taking league form and position out of it. it’s a one off, you’ve just got to go and have a go.”

Luton have sold their complete allocation for the all-ticket match.