Still not against going with two up front

Craig Mackail-Smith
Craig Mackail-Smith

Hatters boss John Still has confirmed he isn’t against the idea of giving Craig Mackail-Smith a regular striker partner in future games.

The Town chief has favoured a 4-2-3-1 formation in recent weeks, with Mackail-Smith as the lone frontman, although Cameron McGeehan, Paddy McCourt and Josh McQuoid are all in advanced roles.

“Playing two out and out strikers, I’ve no problem with that, but the other components have to be right.”

John Still

With the system in place, Hatters have won three on the spin and Still didn’t feel a change in tactics was needed at the moment.

He added: “When I’ve got a couple or more components in our team that are right, then we might look at one or two other things as well.

“If we get another striker up there and Craig gets 15 goals and the other striker gets 15 goals, but we don’t get promotion, I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Craig knows the job, he’s doing the job. Playing two out and out strikers, I’ve no problem with that, but the other components have to be right.

“At the moment I’m looking at the attacking four, someone called it the Mac attack and they’re all looking comfortable in their positions.

“We’ve got Cam scoring goals from that slightly wider position as we allow him to drift, we’ve got Paddy who can unlock defences, Craig that can work tirelessly and can score and we’ve got Josh who’s improving and improving.

“If people want me to change that and start again, I can’t see the benefit of that, I can’t.

“We’ve had to drip feed Craig at the early part of the season as we did with Josh McQuoid as they hadn’t played a lot of football.

“If you find something that looks like it’s going in the right direction, I’m not just going to throw that all up in the air.

“We’ll carry on evolving and there may well be the time we can do that, but it’s got to be the right time. What if we do that and we lose the next four games?

“People will go what’s he doing that for we were winning? So it’s a no-win situation sometimes.

“I think we’re the third highest scorers, do I change it? Would I be stupid to change it? I think so. If someone said we’d only scored seven goals, I’d think maybe we do need to.

“We didn’t score enough goals last year, I’ve tried to rectify that and in doing that, people still want to see something different.

“We’re scoring goals, so I’m not going to throw the baby away with the bathwater.”

Luton are already streets ahead of where they were last campaign in terms of goalscoring, having notched 23 from their 13 games so far, compared to a mere 11 at this stage.

The strikes have been shared around too, with nine Luton players already on target, as Still continued: “We recognised that we needed to find some more goals. In training we’ve worked hard on trying to push people forward, trying to get people into goalscoring positions.

“We’re finding them from Cam, finding them from Craig, be it a couple of penalties, but his work-rate in keeping the ball up there and making it hard for defenders, he’s allowing us to get high up the pitch.

“We think Paddy has got some goals in him, we know what Smudge (Jonathan Smith) and Olly Lee have too. Although at the moment with no (Nathan) Doyle he’s (Lee) playing a touch deeper.

“We know Gutts (Luke Guttridge) has got goals in him, we also know that Wilko’s (Luke Wilkinson) got goals in him and also think Scott Cuthbert has got goals in him as well.

“So we have got more goals in us this year and if we can keep doing that and get our defending to the level that it currently is, then we won’t be far away from saying we can’t get better than that.”