Still’s position has not been up for discussion

John Still
John Still

Luton Town boss John Still hasn’t been involved in any discussions with managing director Gary Sweet over his future at the club this week.

There was increasing speculation that the Luton chief’s job was in jeopardy at the weekend after what were unsubstantiated rumours from an unreliable source Twitter.

Although Still confirmed he had met with the club’s MD on Monday, when asked if his position had been mentioned, Still said: “No, we had a general meeting on Monday, that we have.

“Did we speak about football? Of course we did. Did we speak about not winning as many games as we would like? Of course we did. But we’ve not really spoken in the conversation that you maybe asking.”

Still has come under pressure from some sections of supporters after Luton suffered back-to-back league defeats against Carlisle and Newport, as they sit 14th in the table, six points away from the play-offs.

On the reactions of the club’s fans, Still added: “Do I hear it? Of course I hear it. Do I understand it? Of course I understand it, one hundred per cent.

“I’m determined to try and improve our situation, because success and failure, they’re imposters, you’ve got to try and keep them the same and I find that with supporters.

“I get comments from supporters, ‘it’s not good enough, you’re not good enough, don’t know what you’re doing,’ I understand that.

“But I also get comments of ‘keep going Stilly.’ When we first came to this club, there was a massive negativity, and I said at the time, if people want a quick fix, don’t employ me as I don’t do it.

“I said, I think in my time I can get you up, can make the club better and boy have we done that. Even for this club, we’ve possibly raised the expectation a little bit.

“We have changed this club’s situation drastically and do we expect to be doing better than we are? One hundred per cent, really 100 per cent.

“So from that position, I understand frustration, I understand them being annoyed, I understand them being frustrated.

“But what would they have given three years ago to be in the position they are now? As the progress that has been made is phenomenal.”

Still certainly retains the back of the players too as after Luke Wilkinson threw his support behind the manager on Saturday, goalkeeper Mark Tyler followed suit this week.

He said: “Nothing has been spoken about that in the changing room, we fully expect him to be here for a long time.

“We’re right behind him and I don’t think anyone in the changing room has got any problems. If they were to, that’s their problem to sort out with the gaffer.

“I know I’m fully behind him and know 100 per cent the lads are behind him.”