Still won’t ditch 3-5-2 despite Shrimps reverse

Luton concede against Morecambe
Luton concede against Morecambe

Hatters boss John Still would have no hesitation in playing a 3-5-2 formation again despite criticism from some areas.

The Luton chief played three centre halves once more, but was hampered by the dismissal of captain Steve McNulty inside half an hour.

Although well beaten on the day, Still didn’t feel it had been down to his tactics.

He said: “I’m not on social media, but some of the boys show me things and there was a comment about 3-5-2 and matching up, well it’s the first game we’ve lost doing it.

“We’ve lost more games not doing it. I do tend to match up, but if I had (Alex) Lawless, (Paul) Benson, (Luke) Guttridge, (Pelly) Ruddock, I wouldn’t have to as we’d be powerful enough going forward.

“But without those we’re not powerful enough going forward, simple as that.

“So you work with what’s best that you have for the team and sometimes we feel it’s better to do that because of the attacking restrictions that we have.

“If we had a touch more pace available, we’d probably say we can get at their three centre halves.

“But without Lawless, without Ruddock, and even Benno and his experience and knowledge, we’ve found it better to match up.

“We didn’t lose on Saturday because we played 3-5-2, we lost on Saturday because we couldn’t head the ball in our box, whatever system we played.”

Still did go on to admit that he might change his approach this evening though, especially with McNulty suspended as he continued: “I’m not saying we’ll play 3-5-2 against Bury, I might just change something.

“I’ve looked at two options and we’ll think it over and mull it over.”

Whatever side Still does pick, he is determined to progress in the competition and face either Cambridge or Mansfield.

He added: “We’re going to go and win it. Everyone’s going to be ready. Will it interrupt with our league? No, not at all, I think it might help it.

“I’d sooner play than train anyway, and when you get disappointments or knock backs, this team has always responded.”