Stockley wonders if Hatters will ever get a penalty

Hatters appeal in vain for a spot kick
Hatters appeal in vain for a spot kick

Hatters striker Jayden Stockley was left wondering whether Luton are ever going to be awarded a penalty during his time at the club.

Town were denied another spot kick at the weekend against Accrington Stanley when on-loan forward Elliot Lee looked to be brought down in the box before he could shoot.

Referee Lee Collins gave nothing though as Hatters’ long wait for a penalty continues, having gone 28 games without one since the 2-0 win over Oxford on September 27.

Stockley said: “I thought he was just going to shoot and it puts him off his shot, so it’s got to be a penalty.

“But we’re not very lucky with getting penalties these days. I’m hoping I get to see one where I’m here, but I don’t remain optimistic.”

Stockley himself was involved in a huge moment of controversy last week at AFC Wimbledon when he went down under Dave Winfield’s rash tackle, but was somehow shown yellow for diving.

He continued: “I’ve looked back at it a few times as I’m not one who likes getting booked for diving, especially when you get taken out.

“I think he’s the only person in the ground who didn’t think it was a penalty, but I am beginning to think what we have to do to get a pen these days?”

On Saturday’s incident, goalscorer Luke Guttridge felt it was a definite spot kick, but wondered if the ensuing red card played a part in the officials’ mind.

He said: “From the angle I saw it at, I thought it was. It is hard for a ref, but I just don’t know why a player would fall over when he’s about to have a shot 10 yards from goal, that’s my opinion

“The rule is, if he gives the penalty, he’s probably got to send the guy off which I don’t agree with. You know when someone’s deliberately chopped someone down or not, it’s the same with a lot of penalty decisions, but I do think it was a penalty.”

Meanwhile, boss John Still said: “There must be something about Luton and penalties as it just isn’t close to being anything other than a penalty.

“But there you are, that’s another one. Seven now, six that the referees secretary has confirmed to me were penalties and when he sees that, that was more a penalty than we had at Wimbledon.”