Sweet wants new Luton manager to enjoy a prolonged stay

Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet
Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet

Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet is hoping that whoever takes over at Kenilworth Road will be with the club for the long run.

Luton are still searching for a new manager after dismissing previous boss John Still over a week ago, with David James currently the bookies favourite.

Town confirmed their preferred location for a new ground is Power Court on Monday, and if possible, Sweet would love to see the next man given the opportunity to leading the side when they hopefully move.

He said: “I’ve already spoken to one or two managers and part of the interview process is talking about our ambitions going forward.

“We would like a manager to stay with us, how many times in the presentation did I used the word stable and steady?

“And so in the background, that’s what we want to be. We’ve got to have a firm foundation, so if we can create an environment where a manager can stay for a prolonged period, then that would be good for us.”

However Sweet is well aware that the lifespan of a manager in the modern era is a fragile one, adding: “Look at Pep Guardiola, he’s taken his eternity into his own hands and decided that actually his maximum spell at any football club is roughly two years.

“That’s the maximum amount of impetus he’s going to have in that club once it goes into the third year, that starts getting diluted.

“We need to think about how we can freshen that up with a broader structure within the football and coaching side, to enable the manager that comes in to prolong his life.”