Hylton thrilled as Collins gaffe delivers an early Christmas present

Hatters striker Danny Hylton was more than happy to receive his early Christmas present at Forest Green on Saturday courtesy of a howler from home keeper Brad Collins.

Monday, 18th December 2017, 4:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 9:31 am
Striker Danny Hylton is about to tap in his 14th of the season
Striker Danny Hylton is about to tap in his 14th of the season

The on-loan Chelsea stopper produced an embarrassing fresh air kick when trying to clear a throw-in that had been sent his way, and was left floundering allowing Luton’s top scorer the easiest task of tapping home a 14th goal of the season to make it 2-0 with 22 minutes left.

On the strike, Hylton said: “We analyse teams before we play them, we knew that Forest Green play this open game where they like to pass out from the back and take risks, so we tried to set traps and tried to set up and see how we can capitalise on that.

“The keeper comes out and tries to play and takes massive risks at time. Thankfully after he chopped me once or twice in the first half, I was happy that he had a swing and missed it and I was able to put it in the net.

“I just thought I’d keep trying to close him down and make him make a mistake. I didn’t realise he was going to make that big a mistake, it’s nice and an early Christmas present.”

With Mark Cooper at the helm for Rovers, then it was a tactic Hylton had witnessed previously in his career, as he continued: “I’ve seen it before with their manager, he did it at Swindon when I was at Oxford and that’s the way he plays.

“Fair play, it looks great and when it comes off it looks amazing, but when I was at Oxford, the keeper at the time at Swindon made a few mistakes and we managed to score.

“If you press keepers, no disrespect, but they’re not known to be the best footballers on the pitch, so if they want to come out, take risks like that then fine.

Danny Hylton celebrates with the travelling Luton fans

“It’s great when it comes off, but we’ll press them, keep pressing them, and hopefully they make mistakes like that.”

Boss Nathan Jones had drilled it into his side to try and take advantage of Rovers’ willingness to play out from the back, as he said: “The keeper takes absolute risks, I’ve never seen a keeper play like that in my life, never.

“He steps in, he comes out 35 yards and picking stuff up, so we earmarked it and as you can see from the first half, we almost nicked it off him first half.

“We did it at West Ham, and some ludicrous comments from their manager, in terms of we didn’t do this.

Danny Hylton celebrates with the travelling Luton fans

“We know that their keeper wants to play and wants to (Johan) Cruyff in their own box.

“If he wants to do that, we have people who can press and that’s what they did.

“It’s a learning curve, but I’m pleased with it, pleased with certain things that we earmarked and pleased with the three points.”

Meanwhile, Town’s number one Marek Stech added: “It’s not nice to see when a keeper makes that kind of mistake, but he’s young, he’ll have to learn, keep playing the games and obviously he’ll improve and he won’t do that again.

“They try to play, overplay from the back, which we knew obviously and he was kind of asking for it first half.

“Two or three balls he gave it to us, so he was asking for it and then it paid off in the end.”