Brabin reveals the part he played in Luton appointing Jones

Hatters assistant boss Gary Brabin has revealed the part he had to play in Graeme Jones agreeing to take change at Kenilworth Road.

Saturday, 14th September 2019, 9:42 am
Town assitant boss Gary Brabin

The Luton chief and his now number two are close friends from their playing days, and the Town board sought his advice as Brabin spoke to both parties prior to Jones being offered the position about a potential appointment.

On just what was said, Brabin said: “It was early stages, I just acted as a bit of a go between if you like and gave my opinion on both parties to both parties.

“I tried to give my honest opinion on everything concerned, I thought it would be a good fit, but I know what football’s like, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“So I did my bit, on a couple of occasions and left it at that.

“It was probably a month or so later before I realised that it had gone slightly further and I’m really glad that both parties agreed and likewise that I’m involved.”

During those first discussions, Brabin confirmed he had no idea he would have a role to play in Jones’ backroom staff at Kenilworth Road, returning to the place he had served as head scout, assistant to Richard Money, and then manager himself between October 2009 and March 2012.

He continued: “Me and Graeme are real close friends and we spoke in the past loosely that one day we’d like to work together, but it was very early stages.

“I’d spoken to Luton about Graeme, I didn’t even think about it, that didn’t come to my mind.

“I was working at the time and there’s a long way to go.

“Probably a bit later down the line when it was serious, without asking the question or thinking too much, I thought he was going to go in a different direction.

“But I was pleased when not just Graeme but the club asked me to come back.

“They thought my experience from last time I was here would be good to help Graeme as well as the experiences I’ve got in other jobs I’ve had and the years experience involved in football would hopefully help Graeme and this club achieve what they want.

“I jumped at the chance.

“I genuinely didn’t look that far into it, so when he asked me, it was probably the time when I realised that he was serious about that it was going to happen.

“When he asked me, was when I realised that there was a real good chance it was going to happen, the two parties had got together, and I jumped at the chance and I’ve enjoyed it.”

Since leaving Luton, Brabin has managed Southport and Tranmere, been involved with the U21s at Everton, and was also coach at Port Vale and assistant boss with Blackpool.

Prior to being at Kenilworth Road, he was manager at Cambridge and Southport, so when asked if being a number two was the role that suited his skill-set best, Brabin added: “You’d have to ask the managers I’ve worked with.

“I’ve never been an egotist type person who has to be the boss.

“I want to go into work every day and enjoy my job, enjoy my role, enjoy working with players, try to make players better.

“I think I’m a winner, I want to win the football games, but I want to do it in a style that we enjoy both practising and watching.

“This isn’t the first job I’m coming to as assistant manager, I’ve been an assistant manager before I went into management.

“The last few years have been an assistant manager and I think anyone that knows me tell you I’m not one of those people that would do something if they don’t enjoy it.

“I am enjoying the role with Graeme, I want to help Graeme as much as I can achieve what he wants to achieve, now he’s got his teeth into a new challenge.

“It’s a little bit of fate, if you like, with an old club that I know that I’ve got a lot of feeling towards and hopefully we can achieve that success here together.”