Jones hasn't put any of his squad on the transfer list yet

Hatters boss Nathan Jones confirmed he hasn't made any of his squad available for transfer despite the FA Cup exit to Accrington Stanley on Saturday.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 2:18 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 2:22 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones at Accrington on Saturday
Hatters boss Nathan Jones at Accrington on Saturday

The Luton chief was clearly frustrated by individual errors during the 2-1 loss at the weekend, criticising both Stephen O’Donnell and Olly Lee for their parts leading up to Sean McConville’s stunning first goal in his post match interview.

Jones also stated he may well have to be ‘ruthless’ in the current window, but when asked if any players have told their futures lie elsewhere, he said: “No, not yet we haven’t.

“Being ruthless, after the game you say something because emotions are high and so on.

“I’ve got a real good group and I’m pleased with the group I’ve got.

“Sometimes they make silly little decisions that cost them games and those are the things that can’t keep happening.

“But the group I’ve got here I trust as they’re here. I’ve had scope to change any one of them, I really have, but I haven’t as I like the group, I trust the group.

“If I didn’t trust them they wouldn’t be here, but they have to learn from errors rather than keep making the same ones, otherwise you have to pull them out until they stop doing that.

“Yes, they can get better, but they wouldn’t be playing at this level. It’s only the world class players that probably have minimal improvement.

“So we want them all to get better, but in terms of being ruthless, that just doesn’t mean I’m going to discard people, it means that I’ll make tough decisions.

“Now, I’m quite prepared to make tough decisions, because I’ve done them in the past.

“It’s just now with the one game a week as such in the league coming up, then we can afford to be a little more clinical in our decision making.

“We can just pick the side and find maybe a little bit more consistency rather than making sure that everyone’s fresh and we have an energy about us to look into the second half of the season.

“Because now we’re in the second half of the season and now we need to go on runs.”

With Lawson D’Ath already onboard, joining from League One Northampton Town, then Jones reiterated his aims to bring further new signings in before the deadline passes.

He continued: “We’re hoping, and we’re hoping the ones we’re earmarked we can, but there won’t be massive changes, it won’t be wholesale things.

“They’re just one or two things that we add to the squad, because we’ve got a very, very good squad.

“We lost Alex Gilliead, so we needed that energy, that little ball carrier really, we need to replace that and we were able to do that quite quickly.

“We knew of Lawson, but if we were to keep Alex then it would mean we didn’t have the scope to do that with Lawson, so it helped us out.

“Plus he’s our player so we’re pleased, we can develop him ourselves. But if the odd one comes up that we feel will improve us significantly, then we’ll go for those.”

Jones did admit that should he sign the targets he has set out, then he will need to trim the squad, as he will be doing during his tenure anyway.

He added: “It maybe then that we have to adjust it (if players come in), but we’ll constantly adjust it, that’s an ongoing process anyway.

“I don’t envisage this squad being together for the next three years, there will be changes, there will be constant improvements.

“Those who do improve and develop at the rate we want them to improve, will remain.

“Those who don’t, we’ll try to add the ones who can take us forward like that and then the others will go elsewhere.

“But we’ve got a good group and a group that wants to learn. There’s no bad eggs, no one’s that want to stagnate, they all want to improve, it’s just how quickly we can do that.”