Jones hopes Luton supporters have taken his message on board

Hatters boss Nathan Jones believes his public call for Luton fans to help galvanise their side during future matches at Kenilworth Road has had the desired effect with the club's supporters.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 4:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th August 2016, 5:50 pm
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In the aftermath of Tuesday night’s 2-1 win over Newport County, the Town chief questioned what kind of side supporters wanted to see, after there were a few groans and moans when the scores were goalless and then the hosts were pegged back to 1-1 late on.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference today, Jones admitted he had been informed of a good reaction from fans after his comments and insists they should be excited of what the squad he has put together can achieve.

The boss said: “I don’t go on social media, but I know people that do and it’s been a positive thing.

“I don’t necessarily want it to be a media type of thing, what I want is I’m proud of my club, I love my club, I love the fans, that’s why I came here.

“I knew what I was getting when I came here, so lets enjoy it, lets get behind them because they’ll do you proud, I’m speaking to fans now, this group of players will do you proud.

“Give them an opportunity, get behind them and I promise you, they’re a good group, and they’re an honest group, and they’re a talented group.

“So if all the things come together, Kenilworth Road can be rocking, and it’s a great place when it is.

“Because people don’t realise how good it is until you actually play there, and it can be an intimidating place, so lets get it intimidating for those who are not wearing orange.”

Jones admitted that his highly animated press conference done after the Newport game was a glimpse into the obvious devotion he has for the club, adding: “In time you calm down, but that’s me, that’s my character, I’m a very passionate guy, I put a lot into the job, so sometimes some things come out.

“But what I want our fans to realise is, it’s going to be difficult at home, because as I said, the greater our ambition and the more success we get, or the better we get, then it’s going to be more difficult.

“It’s not going to get easier and when the fans are with us, it’s outstanding, they’re unbelievable, and the other night, they saw our ambition.

“But I want them to drive it on as well, because sometimes the players need lifting.

“Yes, they’re footballers, this is their job. this is what they do, but they give everything, they give me everything, they give this club everything. So at times, they’re going to need lifting, they might need a bit of adrenaline and the crowd can give them that.

“Then they will replay the crowd, trust me. I’ve said at the beginning that I wanted a team that this club can be proud of. You have that, I promise you as fans, you have a squad you can be proud of because they will do Luton proud.

“Now I was charged after because of the emotions of the game, as lot of antics were going on, but I want the club to respond, I want them to see me as well because I love this job, I love this club and I want to do well for me and the club.”