Jones not anticipating a complete overhaul at Luton

Luton Town boss Nathan Jones isn't anticipating a massive overhaul at Kenilworth Road during the summer, although admits plans are already in place to reshape his squad for the new season.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:00 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

Despite having one eye on reducing the size of the playing personnel he inherited from previous manager John Still, with over 30 professionals on the books, the Hatters chief will also be strengthening the squad in areas he sees fit.

Speaking to the press today, Jones said: “Anyone we bring in will have to improve the 11, so we kind of know what positions we’re looking in.

“We have a little bit of scope because obviously we still have a number of players under contract anyway.

“We know what we want to move forward with the current ones that are here and with certain ones that we want to bring in. I don’t envisage it being a massive overhaul, but what we will do is bring in quality that will take Luton Town forward.”

Jones is refusing to take his focus off this year just yet with seven games still to go, but revealed the thought process is already starting on who will be on board for a first full campaign in charge at Kenilworth Road.

He said: “You have a plan, plans are now starting to develop for next season but that’s not to stay that we still haven’t got one eye on what’s happening this season because we have got a real big eye on this year.

“But it would be wrong of us not to plan or put certain things in place regardless of what happens from now until the end of the season.

“We want to move forward, we want a certain player here to move forward. We want certain things, facilities and all those are now in the planning process.”

The boss also confirmed he wouldn’t jump to conclusions on players after a performance he was heavily critical of against Stevenage last weekend either, adding: “I don’t think you can overreact, you have to gauge where they are.

“I think some things rubber stamped what you already knew, some things draw question marks over things that you believed, but on the whole you don’t make decisions over one bad performance or a bad week at the office.

“They’ve been consistently good for me, I know what I’m going to get. I know what I want moving forward, so it hasn’t massively changed.

“It’s just highlighted a few issues that we have in the squad that we probably knew anyway.”